10 Best Tasting Cannabis Strains

Each of the cannabis users has his own preferences in choosing what strain he wants to consume. And when he consumes a certain cannabis strain, that strain will surely give him the satisfaction that he longs for.

There are cannabis users who choose certain strain because of the THC or CBD content found in that strain. However, it has been noted that most of the users when they will choose a certain strain of marijuana, they consider the taste of it.

The taste of the marijuana product actually varies from one strain with the other. Each of the cannabis strains has its own formulation of substances that are responsible for its tastes. These substances are called Terpenes. Each of the Terpenes has its own taste, like being pungent, skunky, earthy, sweet flower, blueberry, grapes, lemon, citrus, diesel, and many other flavors and tastes.

Here’s the list of 10 best tasting cannabis strain in random order:

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough strain, just what its name has suggested, has the aroma of fresh strawberry. But then, when its bud is burned, it produces a thick cloud of smoke that will make you a cough, and your eyes become teary. And as you inhale the smoke, you can imagine yourself eating a fresh strawberry.

Strawberry Cough is not just as delicious as the sweet strawberry, but it is also very potent with its THC at 22 to 26 percent. And not only that, but it also has the CBN content of 1 percent, so that in an instant, you’ll immediately feel the very uplifting energy, while giving you a very relaxing body mood.


Blueberry cannabis strain became the favorite of the cannabis community since its creation in the 70’s. By simply smelling it, you can immediately tell that it is really the Blueberry strain sporting its sweet blueberry aroma with the blend of vanilla perfume. During the combustion of its cured bud, although skunk is noticeable, its taste of sweet blueberry dominates the air that you inhale and exhale.

With the THC content of 15 to 24 percent, Blueberry’s head high is interesting. It gives you the strong euphoric uplift and transforms you into a very creative being while giving your body the sedation you need to relieve your pain and fatigue.


The Lavender cannabis strain gets its name not just from its color but from its smell and taste too. Its taste of sweet floral candy with the smell of lavender makes it popular for this special flavor and aroma. And with its THC of 27 percent and CBD of 1 percent, Lavender, is not just wonderful in our mouth but also very effective in treating stress and depression. It is even more effective in treating body aches, fatigue and chronic pain due to its very potent relaxation.


The Grapefruit cannabis strain is one of the classic cannabis which is popular for having a taste of sweet grapefruit. As you consumed its smoke, you will notice the flavor of lemon, but the taste of citrus is strong too, which makes the sourness of it very noticeable. But what really makes it delicious is the strong taste and smell of grapes.

While the real grapefruit causes the feeling of being drunk, this marijuana can boost your mood, and it will give you the sense of being uplifted and blissfully happy.


Tangie cannabis strain is popular for cannabis users who want to consume cannabis with lemon or citrus flavor. When inhaling the smoke of it, you will feel like you are drinking a punch drink. It offers its very tangy lemon or citrus flavor with the blend of sweet grapes with a boost of the uplifted euphoria plus the feeling of being focused and creative.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze strain has the very soothing smell of lemon. Its smoke gives off the aroma of citrus inside your mouth and has an aftertaste of sweet lemon-flavored candy. Besides having delicious lemon taste, it is also very potent when considering its THC of 25 percent. But with the CBD of 1 percent and CBN of 2 percent, the euphoria is a little bit controlled, but it is still best for stress and depression.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream inherited the aroma and taste of its parent Blueberry strain. It has the aroma of Blueberry and tastes like a sweet candy made out of the sweet blueberry fruit of which it lingers around your tongue for hours. Sporting its potency at 24 percent maximum level of THC of 24 percent and the CBD of 2 percent, Blue dream leaves you very focused, motivated and completely relieved from pain and stress.

Lemon Kush

Another lemon flavored cannabis is the Lemon Kush strain. Its taste is like a blend of sweet lime with a pungent sour citrus. It has an addicting taste that makes you consume more of its smoke until you will realize that you already have a lot of THC in your blood. It only has 17 percent of THC. It is considered creeper, but its effect is potent enough to treat depression.

Durban Poison

If you will simply look at its name, maybe you will be afraid of taking the smoke of Durban Poison marijuana. It has a smell and taste of sweet fresh pine wood with a blend of earth, but it is not bad in the tongue. Imagine yourself drinking a wine with fresh pine flavor. That’s how it is when smoking Durban Poison marijuana. Its THC content is measured at its maximum level of 24 percent which is potent enough to give you the uplift of energy, making you more focused and creative.

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is well-known for being a cannabis that tastes like banana. Its thick smoke brings the aroma of sweet strawberry that blends with the strong taste of banana. It is not just a good banana marijuana, but it is also a very strong high hitter with the THC level being measured at 22 to 26 percent.


The number of the mouth-watering and heavily delicious marijuana is actually huge, and it doesn’t end on number 10. But these ten cannabis strains can satisfy your needs of the cannabis without turning down your appetite.