Top Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

As marijuana use continues to increase, users now turn to growers or breeders that cultivate their own cannabis plants. But, because there are a lot of online stores and seed banks that ship to the USA, it might be difficult to weed out the best out of the bunch. This is why we made a review of the top seed companies.

Review of Top Seed Banks that Ship to the USA 2021

1.Crop King Seeds

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Crop King Seeds markets itself as a company that looks for the best breeders and the most ideal strains all around the world to secure high-yielding plants and seeds. They say that they only select strains that have consistent THC and CBD levels as well as hearty plants that are quite easy to grow for any kind of cultivator.

The company started back in the early 2000s but had to stop operating in 2005 because they could not operate until the issue of the legality of cannabis in Canada was resolved. But when certain states in the United States started legalizing marijuana, Crop King Seeds resumed operations once again.

Since then, Crop King Seeds has been providing high-quality marijuana seeds and plants to different retail outlets, stores, and households all across North American countries such as Canada and the United States.

Strains and prices

Crop King Seeds provides popular high-quality strains such as Blueberry, Afghani, OG Skunk, Durban Poison, Purple Kush, White Widow, Super Silver Haze, White Cookies, Sour Diesel, and a lot more varieties.

The price of a bag of five regular seeds is somewhere between the range of $35 and $70. A bag of 10 costs somewhere between $65 and $140. Meanwhile, a25 seed bag costs somewhere between $120 and $300. Landraces are usually the most affordable ones while those high in CBD are the more expensive strains. Also, feminized seeds only come in 10-seed and 25-seed bags.

Shipping and payment

Crop King Seeds ships to all countries and anyone can purchase the seeds as long as they are at least 19 years old. The seeds come in their original packaging when shipped to Canada. Otherwise, they come in other types of packages.

Shipping to Canadian and American destinations costs $10 and will take only two to seven days for Canada and up to two weeks for the United States. Meanwhile, shipping to other countries will cost $30 to $60.

Crop King Seeds accepts cash payments in US and Canadian dollars. You can also pay Via Mastercard, Visa, or Bitcoin.


Visit Sun West Genetics


Sunwest Genetics is all about preserving and improving cannabis genetics and have been operating for more than a decade already. In that sense, they try to preserve the genetics of different strains as much as possible for future generations to enjoy. They also sell all kinds of strains in a manner that is easy to access for anyone.

The company is easy to communicate with as they are available 24/7 via online chat, email, or phone. This means that you can easily have your queries answered if you want any information regarding the company and their products.

Sunwest Genetics also breeds their own strains of cannabis. The seeds they sell and breed are of the highest quality as they are handpicked by a group of experts themselves.

One of the company’s best selling point is that they offer free replacement of the seeds if less than 80% of them germinated and if you use the proper methods and followed their germination guide.

Strains and prices

Sunwest Genetics does not have the widest variety of strains but they do sell the popular ones such as Blue Dream, Bubblegum, Cheese, Jack Herer, GirlScout Cookies, Master Kush, Northern Lights, and Purple Kush.

A bag of three seeds costs $45. You can get a bag of seven for$70.Meanwhile, a 15-seed bag costs $135. Sunwest Genetics also offers wholesale marijuana seeds in three different packages. If you buy the more expensive packages, you will be getting more freebies and a bigger discount.

Shipping and payment

Shipping the seeds to Canada and in the United States will cost $10. The seeds will arrive in as late as seven days when shipped to Canada. Meanwhile, shipments to the US will take around one to three weeks. Anyone can purchase their seeds so long as he/she is at least 19 years of age.

Sunwest Genetics ships to all countries but only the ones shipped in Canada will come in the original packaging. Also, they do not offer the $10shipping fee to other countries due to how it can be difficult to ship cannabis seeds to those places. Instead, they offer the $30 or $60 Express Registered shipping option to guarantee the delivery of the seeds.

The company accepts payment via cash in the mail, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Moneygram.

3. I love Growing Marijuana

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Operated by Robert Bergman, who has been growing and breeding cannabis plants for over 25 years already, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has been in operation since 2012 and is not only an online store that sells marijuana seeds but also a website that provides information about the different sorts of strains and on how to grow marijuana seeds.

ILGM first started as a blog where Bergman shared his knowledge and experience as a veteran in the field of growing cannabis. As the blog grew in popularity all across North America, the people behind ILGM partnered with breeders and growers to make seeds available to anyone wishing to purchase them via the ILGM website.

Some of the company’s selling points are guaranteed delivery under any circumstances, guaranteed germination, and 24/7 customer care support for anyone looking for more information on how to grow different types of strains.

Strains and Prices

I Love Growing Marijuana is another one of those cheap seed banks that Ship to the USA. They offer over a hundred types of different strains that range from auto-flowering, feminized, regular, and fast-flowering seeds. Some of their most popular strains include Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, White Widow, Blueberry, Gelato, and Blue Dream.

ILGM offers a lot of variety of seeds and is arguably the best seed bank for feminized seeds because of how it is easy to choose whether or not you want a feminized variety or not. And, most of the time, their best strains are feminized.

They not only sell seeds but all sorts of products as well. This includes seed mix packs (a pack with different types of seeds), grow sets, nutrients, and even CBD oil.

A regular pack of five seeds costs at least $59 and at most $99. Packs of 10 will cost you somewhere in between $89 and $139. Meanwhile, a 20-seed pack is at least $159 and at most $199. It all depends on the strain you choose.

Mix packs of seeds can cost as low as $119 while some packs can also be as expensive as $229. The costs depend on the number of seeds the packs contain and on what type of strains are in the bags. The packs are grouped according to a theme. For example, the Baked Sweets pack has sweet-tasting strains such as Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.

Shipping and payment

ILGM ensures that it is perfectly safe to order seeds from their site and will deliver worldwide. They have a special stealth packaging to make sure that you get your seeds delivered right at your doorstep.

Shipping to the United States and to Europe is entirely free and does not depend on the number of seeds you bought or on the value of your purchase. For other countries such as Australia and New Zealand, they provide a shipping fee of $150. ILGM guarantees that your order will arrive.

For USA shipments, ILGM recommends payment by bank deposit although you can also pay via cash, bank transfer, credit card (any major credit card will do), and with Bitcoin (offers a 10% discount). For other countries, you may purchase via any method other than a bank deposit.

4. Seedsman

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One of the more reliable seed banks, Seedsman promises to offer its customers with a wide range of cannabis seeds that they have sourced from over 120 breeders and growers around the world. They also breed their own strains and offer them for sale.

The company has been running for over 15 years already and remains as one of the most respected and reputable seed banks on the market. They have also kept a good relationship with some of the best breeders in the business.

Seedsman has over 1500 strains available for sale and also consistently restock their supply from their partner breeders, who carefully select the highest quality seeds available. Even until now, Seedsman still seeks to expand its library of strains as numerous other breeders have been coming up with new types of cannabis that can take the consumer market by storm.

The website offers you a hundred percent pure shopping security so that you will stay completely anonymous as you browse through and shop for your favorite types of cannabis strains.

Strains and prices

As mentioned, Seedsman offers over 1500 different kinds of strains that they source from all kinds of breeders around the world. That said, you can find any kind of seed you want on their website. They group their seeds depending on the flowering type, variety (whether Indica, Sativa, or hybrid), or by top picks or popularity. Seedsman also has all of the award-winning strains from the 2000s all the way to 2020.

The prices of the seeds vary depending on the strain and on the minimum number of seeds you can purchase per strain. For example, Northern Light costs £21.83 for a five-seed bag. Meanwhile, if you purchase AK47, you can only get them in increments of 11 seeds per bag at a price of £73.33. Some of the more expensive strains like Jack Herer costs £142.30 and can only be purchased in increments of 10 seeds per bag.

Aside from their seeds, Seedsman also offers vaping products and accessories such as storage products and bags.

Shipping and payment

Seedsman ships to every country around the world but makes it clear that it will not be held responsible for any kind of legal problem the customer will encounter if they order the seeds online. Nevertheless, the website does guarantee shopping anonymity.

The website accepts all kinds of major forms of payment such as cash, check/money order, major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, bank fund transfer, and Bitcoin. Since the company is based in Spain, your payment will be reflected in Euros instead of dollars.

Buying Guide

Though some might think that buying cannabis seeds is as easy as picking out a strain, it can be a little difficult especially if you don’t know what you are looking for and if you don’t know how to choose the most reputable online seed bank around.

That said, you can do a quick internet search and there will be links that will direct you to top-quality online seed banks that are located in the USA, Canada, and in Europe. Most of these companies (such as the ones we have reviewed) are worth checking out.

Prices will almost always vary because the costs of different kinds of strains tend to be different. Depending on where they are sourced or on what their quality is, seeds of a certain strain can either be more expensive in one seller but a lot more affordable in another seed bank. It may also depend on whether or not they are feminized or on whether or not they are auto-flowering.

Feminized cannabis seeds are the type of seeds will almost always come out as female plants. The importance of having a female plant cannot be overstated if you are simply looking to harvest buds because only females produce them. Males do not have buds and only exist for the purpose of breeding or seed production. That said, if you are not into the business of producing seeds or are not breeding new cannabis strains, male plants are useless.

Autoflowering seeds are those that do not depend on the number of light and dark hours for them to switch from the vegetative state to the flowering stage. In a sense, they will automatically flower without the need for your intervention. Autoflowering seeds are usually more expensive because they grow rather quickly. That means that you can harvest them more in a single year than any other type of seed.

Buying the right seed does not only depend on price but also on your personal preferences or on the tastes of your consumers. Some users prefer using Indicas while there are those that love the effects of a good Sativa. Meanwhile, some consumers love the best of both worlds and would rather choose hybrid strains. There are even instances when users prioritize flavor over any other factor. That said, knowing what you or your consumer wants in a good cannabis plant should also be one of your considerations when buying seeds.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you buy cannabis seeds online even if it is not legal in your state or country?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can still purchase cannabis seeds even if your state or country is yet to legalize its use and cultivation. Some of these online stores have a stealthy way of packaging the products to ensure that nobody will be able to tell whether they are cannabis seeds or not. However, if ever your seeds get confiscated or if you get into some sort of legal trouble, most stores will not be held responsible for whatever happens.

2. How do I store seeds?

Seeds will always be viable and will not perish as long as they are kept in a place that is rather cold and dark (because heat and light are essential for their germination). However, it is advised that you use the seeds as soon as possible or not longer than 12 months after purchasing them to make sure that they will germinate. If not, keep them as dry as possible by placing them in an airtight container and then keeping them in the refrigerator.

3. Will seeds bought online always germinate?

Most online stores guarantee germination of your seeds. They will almost always germinate as long as you followed the correct germination instructions. This is because reputable seed banks or stores carefully pick out the highest quality seeds possible to make sure that they will end up germinating. If not, some stores offer replacements or will give you your money back.

4. Can I get discounts if I purchase in bulk?

That depends entirely on the online store or seed bank. There are a lot of stores that offer discounts for bulk or wholesale purchases. In some instances, they even throw in freebies such as grow kits or seeds depending on the number of seeds you bought. Stores will most certainly offer you bigger discounts the higher the number of seeds you buy.


With all those said, knowing where to get your seeds and what kind of seed to purchase is a matter of how well you did your research and how diligent you were in checking whether the online store is reputable or not. But, in the case of the stores, we have reviewed, you have nothing to fear because all those stores guarantee high-quality seeds of the best strains available. It is now up to you to tell whether or not the price is right.

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