Must-Have Weed Growing Starter Kit for First-Time Growers

The joy of growing marijuana plants is something to look out for, especially for first-time growers. Different cannabis plants contain different suggested approaches, and some are easy to handle while some are overly-challenging. Nonetheless, what matters is the result of the hard work or the end-product of all exerted efforts. 

In helping newbie growers cope with growing marijuana, the discussion will revolve around a must-have weed growing starter kit for first-time growers. In this case, beginners should be able to handle the stress and tiresome actions of growing a marijuana plant.  For newbies and everyone who never reached the mastery level of cannabis cultivation, the gathered information would help boost your knowledge and gardening performance.

What to Consider When Planning to Cultivate Marijuana?

Most of the time, inexperienced growers find it tricky and beyond unbearable to grow marijuana plants that will demand too much effort and time, among other things. It’s normal to feel such a thing, but never the concept of quitting. Some factors might have dissuaded you, but in the first place, you should have already considered the following things:

  • Growing cannabis will take up your time

The truth is, this misconception is not entirely true or false. You will only feel like it’s taking your time if you did not do your research for starters. Because of that, you should have already read a couple of articles and books about gardening and cannabis cultivation. 

On the other hand, you might also find it helpful to visit a physical marijuana market to familiarize yourself with equipment and supplies so you won’t feel lost during the first step of cannabis planting. Shop hopping is extremely helpful if you aren’t into complete and ready-to-go sets of cultivating crops.

  • An effort is a must

This is the most important thing to consider, out of all given factors, because looking after your plant will require intense dedication. Without it, you will fail immediately, and it will go the same way with other works you do. So, if you are already starting to begin cultivating, pay close attention to your plant’s needs, indications, and every helpful sign to tend to.

  • Set limitations outside cultivation responsibility

In this part, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to isolate yourself to succeed in cultivating. What’s true about this statement is that you will have to be mindful of intervening workload outside your duty in cannabis planting. To stabilize it, do only the necessary and save time for your plants.

  • Costly investment

When you said investment, it doesn’t mean it’s only applicable to allocating budget in cultivating cannabis plants. By costly investment, it means you will have to maintain regular maintenance so your cannabis plant won’t suffer as much. Also, it’s factual that the materials will need you to buy the best product, and often, they are the most expensive.

For the next discussion, know that there are complete packages available in the marijuana market, in case you need them. But they tend to be costly. Surely, you wouldn’t want that. To save time searching and save money, do the manual method of growing cannabis and compile all weed growing starter kit for yourself.

Weed Growing Starter Kit for First-time Growers

It’s common knowledge that inexperienced growers tend to construct small setups, which is entirely okay. In this case, you will be able to limit your budget into a specific bracket without too much to sacrifice. For that, here are the weed growing starter kit for every first-timers:

  • Intense light source/Grow lights for indoor growing

Cultivators or not, it is a common statement that they will need enough sunlight to supply their needs – photosynthesis for a plant to grow. Since you’ll be raising a marijuana plant, you might as well purchase a grow light for your preferred setup.

  • Recycled fans from system unit and Carbon filters

Aside from lighting, proper air ventilation and filters to separate unsolicited objects away are also critical to consider. These materials will not only scrub off bad odors, it will also lead your plant into a thriving condition. Of course, everyone loves a healthy plant.

  • Growing mediums (soil for beginners)

Since you are entirely new to such a thing, it is beyond recommendable to start with soil as a medium. A basic soil sack is enough for your plants to live. But, be careful not to encounter or be influenced by big brands because they might often need a lot more than what you can give – effort and materials.

  • Fertilizers (liquid for beginners)

Feeding is undoubtedly essential, as it is to human beings. But, to start it off, liquid fertilizers are more comfortable facilitating because feeding it to plants is similar to watering them, except it should not be regular, and the level is strictly followed. 

In this matter, be sure to have already researched and studied nutritional solutions. Make sure you are following the 7-5-6 proportion of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, respectively.

  • Watering containers

Of course, it’s already noted that you have water in your homes. But, be prepared to provide a 10-liter water container to store the water. You may go beyond the provided measurement, especially that you will be blending it up with liquid fertilization.

  • Appropriate pots

Since you will be using the soil as a medium, you should also take note of the pots that will suit your need as a beginner and, at the same time, your plant’s wishes. It would be best to select one with breathable holes and durable material such as those made up of fabric. Additionally, make sure the container is water and heat absorbent to avoid illnesses.

  • pH level indicators

Putting the acidity and basicity of an environment at equilibrium is important for beginners because it may eliminate their plants right away. Litmus paper is the easiest way to track pH level indicators but there are advanced devices available to purchase.

  • Timer and thermometer

You will need the timer when it comes to exposing your cannabis plant to light, whether at night or during the day. The setting of the proper time will allow you to bring an effective light cycle into motion. Then, the temperature shall alert you if the temperature is too high or too low, so you can provide materials that will balance it.

  • Seedlings

Lastly, purchase cannabis seedling to take things in motion. After all, you cannot start by just providing these weed growing starter kit without plants to take care of.

Once you have kept in mind all must-have weed growing starter kit for first-time growers like you, you can now proceed to the cultivation process. Remember to keep things simple, but according to the instructions.

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