10 Best Cannabis Strains for Growing in a Grow Box

Are you planning to grow your marijuana discreetly? If so, perhaps you may try to cultivate them indoors in a grow box.

Growing marijuana using a grow box is often a method used by growers who are living in places or territories where marijuana cultivation is illegal and they need to be discreet about it. However, not all marijuana strains are suitable for indoor cultivation. More so if you are using a grow box, which puts the plants is so much more limited space. In order to successfully farm a marijuana crop with a grow box, you need to find the strains that naturally stay small/short, resistant to heat due to high room heat or lack of good air circulation, resistant to mold, has weak cannabis smell, and can stand high levels of light.

Here is a list of 10 best cannabis strains for growing in a grow box:


This strain of cannabis is very easy to grow in a variety of setups. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, this cannabis strain will thrive. For growers who wish to find a cannabis strain that is perfect for cultivation in grow box, L.S.D. will not only grow, it will thrive. First of all, it does grow high. Cannabis strains that are short are important because you need to save as much space as possible. Secondly, it flourishes when being pruned. A lot of times, growers need to prune in order to save space. However, some strains die or do not flower when pruned. Third, L.S.D. is mold and disease resistant.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the type of cannabis that can be recommended to all indoor growers of any skill levels. Whether you are a beginner, a mere hobbyist, or a big-time professional grower, as long as you cultivate indoors, this marijuana strain is for you. Developed from the Pacific Northwest, will reach maturity between 45 and 50 days only. It is a very short side and is a single-cola growing strain. It thrives in different kinds of soil. Also, since most people who are planting through grow box are usually those who are keeping their plants a secret, it is important to note that this strain of cannabis emits a low odor. It is undetectable so it is perfect for low-key cultivation.

Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia Haze Automatic is a variety of cannabis, like many of the plants on this list, that can autoflower. Like the other autoflowering strains of cannabis mentioned on this list, this plant does not need to alter the light cycle of your artificial lamp in order to flower. The downside to this sativa variety is it takes quite a long time to grow and eventually flower.

Quick One

Quick One is a favorite among growers who specialize in indoor cultivation of their marijuana. This is because this strain of cannabis is an autoflowering variety of cannabis. In terms of flowering, it is not affected by the duration or even by the type of light being used. Other reasons why this strain is so popular is due to the fact that this is still one the varieties with the quickest time of flowering. It is also pretty compact and stealthy so it is perfect to grow in confined spaces like in a grow box.

Royal Jack Auto

Cultivating Royal Jack Auto indoors, especially in a grow box, is an excellent idea. Especially for people who have less space, this plant grows at a maximum of 80cm in height. This will save you a lot of space. However, despite the short stature, this plant produces a whopping 400g/m² of flower buds upon harvest.

Bubble Kush Automatic

Bubble Kush Automatic is an awesome combination of three popular marijuana varieties, including the Bubble Gum, OG Kush, and the autoflowering Royal Critical Automatic. These three parent strains passed on some interesting qualities of indica and sativa strains that make this an excellent plant for cultivation using grow boxes. Like the Royal Jack Auto, Bubble Kush Automatic will grow only at around 80 cm. It is pretty short so you can maximize the room and keep this in tighter spaces. Anticipate harvesting around 400g/m² when you plant this strain indoors.

Blue Cheese Automatic

Blue Cheese Automatic is perfect for growers who would like to cultivate in areas that have sub-optimal conditions such as indoors or grow boxes. The reason being is because it is autoflowering. This means that its flowering is not depended on the amount of sunlight it gets. This means that this plant is very difficult to catch when alone. When grown indoors, this strain produces some of the shortest seedlings. When these plants grow, the seedlings pretty tall at around 70cm. It also produces yields of up to 375g/m².

Royal Haze Automatic

Royal Haze Automatic is an autoflowering variety of cannabis. This means that it will flower regardless of the duration of sunlight. Aside from this trait, won’t require huge amounts of maintenance unlike most strains of cannabis. The best thing is that it will produce the goods within a short period of time.

Big Bud

As the name suggests, Big Bud is a cannabis strain known for its notoriously humongous flower buds. This fact, specifically, makes it an excellent strain of cannabis to grow box cultivation. Most of the time, when marijuana varieties are planted in a box, their yield decreases. The same thing happens with Big Bud. However, you will never notice this since this strain’s flower buds are huge. Another great thing about this plant is that it is quite short and does spread out its branches.

White Widow

White Widow is great for grow box, It actually ticks all important factors that make a marijuana strain good for this type of cultivation. It is short. It emits no distinctive marijuana odor. Its branches do not spread out. It thrives in poor soil. It does not die on artificial lamps. It is also very resistant to molds and other diseases. However, other than these traits, it also possesses other important attributes. It produces thick resin even when grown indoors. It also starts to flowers at around 10 weeks.

With this list, we hope that you have learned a thing or two about the most suitable strain of cannabis for you.

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