10 Best Secret Grow Rooms for Growing Cannabis Discreetly

During the first few years of cannabis use and cultivation, keeping it hidden and undiscovered is an ideal move. It took a long while before the various states in the US finally accepted marijuana legally. That could be the time when these 10 best secret grows rooms for growing cannabis discreetly has come to be created.

Slowly but surely, cannabis growing has become an easy task for many growers. More local dispensaries are now available even online, too. However, there’s still nothing more rewarding and satisfying if you’re growing your own.

Try the best secret grow rooms for growing cannabis discreetly that you’ll find in this article in your next cultivation adventure and see how exciting it will be for you.

Why is it Necessary to Hide Cannabis Growing?

After the legalization of marijuana years ago, people felt more freedom to do what they like with buds more. The problem is, cannabis became pricier than before, and growing your own remained the most practical of all. Therefore, for practicality and more solo indulgence, marijuana users may be trying to find ways on how to keep more for themselves.

Also, such freedom was not yet widespread throughout the world so there are still those that prohibit cannabis now. To help them out in continuing their love for growing marijuana unnoticeably, the 10 best secret grow rooms for growing cannabis discreetly is here.

What Will Cause You to be Caught?

The very thing you’re trying to hide is also what will cause it to be noticed by everyone else. This is because of the traits that most cannabis possess. Specifically, those are the following:

·         Heat

·         Noise

·         Odor/smell

·         Safety

·         Behavior and light used

·         Electric bills

10 Best Secret Grow Rooms for Growing Cannabis Discreetly

Here are the top 10 best secret grow rooms you can try for starting your cultivation at home. Read on and find out which one will work perfectly for you.

1.      In an Underground Shipping Containers

Underground shipping containers serve well with hiding something, both big and small. Buckets and other storages remain hidden for years unless one who visits frequently gets caught being so high with victory!

2.      At a hidden Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage systems of a home, building, or public roads are rarely visited and inspected. Thus, it’s likely that you can stay low as long as you want with the cannabis you’ve kept somewhere in that sewage system below the ground.

3.      In the Swimming Pool

Old, abandoned swimming pools that are no longer being used by anyone can be the perfect place for your precious marijuana buds to be kept. On the walls, filters, and skimmers of that pool, your buds will be safe.

4.      Inside a Mansion

Who would want to take much time and effort in roaming around every corner of a big mansion? Of course, it depends on the situation. Therefore, keeping your cannabis in some unknown part of that huge place is a good move. Just like a needle in a haystack, your buds will be so hard to find. Make that mansion your spot for the most thrilling hide-and-seek game ever!

5.      In a Tunnel

With less light, there’s less vision of what’s inside a tunnel, too. Unless somebody who’s got a flashlight upon entering this black hole, the weeds you’ve been taking care of will stay safe and secure as well.

6.      Inside a Church

The church is the safest place where sins are not allowed. Nobody would suspect it to have such a heavenly yet sinful herb as cannabis. Grow one pot of your favorite bud in a corner of the church and you can have peace of mind until it’s fully grown.

7.      Inside a Century-old Bunker

Once it was used as a hiding place for people to stay protected from the war going on outside, that old bunker can now be the sanctuary of your cannabis while being cultivated. It will take a few weeks and you can already harvest your precious weeds to consume.

8.      At a Property Just a Few Blocks from the Police Station

They all think you’re being careful not to commit such a sinful act of using marijuana in the open, how much more if you will try growing some by yourself, right? The police station can be a no-no to some but for you who’s so willing to take the risk of growing cannabis discreetly, it can be the best place ever.

9.      In a Botanical Garden

With all the other plants in that botanical garden, the smell of your growing weeds will never be detected by anyone. It will just blend well with others while you enjoy waiting for them to mature. By the time you need to harvest your crops, the botanical garden will have never been inspected for anything. Cannabis is a plant, too, anyway!

10.  Within a Cave System

The darkness inside a cave makes it already impossible for anyone to get caught in your marijuana cultivation. The big space inside should be enough to keep your buds for long but make sure to choose one strain that will not require much rain or sunlight because those are not as abundant inside the cave. Pick a bud that grows at an average height only and with fewer maintenance needs so you don’t need to visit this one every time.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis these days have been very precious as it gained more fame over the years. Legalizing it has been a breakthrough for the users, growers, and breeders. But more importantly, keeping your own set of buds in the most inconspicuous of places is the greatest achievement you can ever have. The top 10 best secret grow rooms for growing cannabis discreetly is one topic you must never forget if you want to stay out of trouble and continue to savor the delightful fruit of your hard work. Keep growing buds and indulge!

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