Easy to Follow Steps on How to Make Your DIY DWC System for Your Cannabis

When you are searching to begin cultivating your marijuana, or when you already have a little herb cultivating and are searching to increase the size of your action, you might succeed in vesting in a Deep Water Culture (DWC) System. Have you perceived it? This system is also pointed out as hydroponics. Perhaps you have an essence on what it is as well as how to utilize it. However, what is the DWC System? Is it feasible to make a DIY DWC System? 

Also, when you are fond of cultivating cannabis, you are likely to know that utilizing a hydroponic system has many advantages compared to cultivating in loam. But what prevents the majority of the cultivators from getting acquainted with hydroponic marijuana growing is the notion that it is much harder compared to cultivating in soil. With that, the DWC System is sometimes viewed as the hardest method to cultivate cannabis. In this post, we will attempt to persuade you that it is literally somehow easy. So carry on reading this post in order for you to know how to make your DIY DWC System.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) System: What Is It?

As stated above, the Deep Water Culture (DWC) System is referred to as hydroponics. Put it as a technique for cultivating cannabis herbs without using a substance wherein the enzymes acts. The radicles of the herbs are enclosed in a net pot, which is kept out from a cover with radicles hanging loosely in a fluid nutrient mixture. The nutrients in this system have too much oxygen. How is that so? Oxygen is transported to the reservoir via an air pump then propelled via an air stone. The oxygen permits the herb to take up the largest quantity of nutrition, which is the grounds of speed up and productive herb growth. 

One of the most important things during this whole procedure is the air pump. It must be switched on for 24 hours every day or else the radicles will deteriorate. When the herb has built a strong system of the radicle, the quantity of aqua is dropped in the reservoir, sometimes in a bucket.

DIY DWC System

Supplies and Tools Needed

  • A bucket or tote with cover
  • 3 to 4 inches net pots
  • Clay stones
  • Air pump
  • Hose
  • Check Valve
  • Air Stone
  • Drill
  • Hole saw
  • Drill bit

Steps to follow

  1. Cut up holes for hose and net pots

Prior to beginning cutting up the holes, you have to determine where the net posts will go. If you are cultivating less than five cannabis herbs, it is somehow simple. It is suggested to place the net pots outside on the tote or bucket cover and label the places. When you have determined the places of the net pots, utilize the hole saw to cut up the holes. This is the time that the standard net pots that have a lid will have its function. Have an assurance that the holes are sufficiently big to suit the net pots. However, too big is strictly prohibited to avoid them from falling.

This time, change the hole saw with a drill bit, which is similar in size to the air hose. Make a pit at the tip of the bucket cover, which will be utilized to pass the air hose. The amazing factor regarding this structure is that the first step needs lots of labor to build it. This time, let us construct it.

  1. Construct the air system

The second step is constructing the air system, which gives oxygen to the radicles of the plants. Cut up the hole with sufficient distance so that it can proceed from the center of the reservoir to anywhere the pump will go. If your growing space is somehow small, you can cut for about 3 feet. At the one tip of the hose, fasten the air stone. Push another tip of the hose via the lower part of the drilled pit in the bucket or tote cover and attach it to the check valve. It is vital to have an assurance that the check valve will go the right way to permit the flow of air.

This time slit another two inches of air hose. This will be attached to the other tip of the check valve. Next, have the unfastened tip of the air hose and fasten it to the air pump. The construction of your DWC is finally complete. When your cannabis herbs are not ready, it is the endpoint. When your cannabis herbs ready, you can proceed to the next pace.

  1. Blending Nutrient Solution

When your cannabis herbs are ready, then your next pace is blending the nutrient solution. In adding the water, you must put on sufficient of it in order to coat the lower radicles of the plants. Please bear in the mind the number of gallons you put to get to that level for you to compute the amount of nutrient solution you are required to put on later. It is great to mark the level of water on the bucket so that it will not be necessary to calculate the amount of water every time you change the water.

Then, put on the nutrient solution based on the suggested dosage. Hold back for 15 minutes before measuring the pH level and adjust it to the accurate level when necessary.

  1. Putting the plants

The final step to have your DIY DWC System working is putting your herbs. You can begin it with bare-radicle herbs or seedlings in environments similar to quick rooter plugs or inorganic material. Just gush some hydroton to the net pot, place the herbs towards it, and gush the enlarged clay on every side of the herb up until it is leveled to the lid of the net pot.

Conclusion on DIY DWC System

Deep Water Culture (DWC) System is one of the most well-known techniques of hydroponics because of its intelligibility and wonderful output. It is inexpensive to make and is one of the easiest systems to assemble. With sufficient introduction of air to the water and the accurate heat, the radicles of the herbs will prosper, the development rate as well as the number of yields, which this method can attain, is exceptional. When you are a novice to hydroponics or only searching to put another easy system on your hydroponic yard, it is certainly suggested to make a DIY DWC System. 

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