DIY Smell Proof Grow Box: Perfect for Secret Weed Growers

When you reside in a state where weed is illicit and you wish to cultivate your own, the greatest choice is to cultivate your herbs indoors. However, one of the problems that a lot of people have when it comes to cultivating weed as well as those who cultivate marijuana is the smell that cannabis plants produce. With that, a DIY smell-proof grow box permits you to manage the heat, humidity, and of course, avert light leaks as well as get rid of the smell. 

Certainly, to those marijuana aficionados, there is no greater smell, however, there are individuals who do not agree with the slightest. Despite what everybody believes, you can put up an inexpensive DIY smell-proof grow box when you have knowledge of which materials to utilize and how to construct it. As such, in this post, you will know the things needed on how to build a DIY smell-proof grow box. Nonetheless, bear in mind that cannabis plants are very stinky, so building a 100 percent DIY smell-proof grow box is nearly impossible though you may have it closely.

Marijuana Grow Box: What Is It?

A weed grow box is a complete cultivating area, normally lightweight and smell proof. It is shaped with all the things you necessitate to cultivate your cannabis herbs such as grow lights, the supply of air, hydroponics, heat, and humidity, etc. A DIY smell-proof grow box is normally planned for the indoor cultivators. Nonetheless, compared to a grow tent, this growing system is more lasting.

When you reside in a small flat or does not have sufficient area, a DIY smell-proof grow box is ideal for you. This kind of commodity also assists you to cultivate weed comfortably because it keeps the light and heat the herbs require.

Building DIY Smell Proof Grow Box

How to build a DIY smell-proof grow box? How long does it take to build it? Is it hard? What are the things needed to build a DIY smell-proof grow box? If you desire to realize the solutions to these queries, kindly continue in perusing.

Generally, it will take 2 to 8 hours a week to finish making a DIY smell proof grow box. In this grow box, the chest of drawers has two cultivating rooms, one for blooming the shoots while the other one is for storing the mother herb and young organisms. The former is kept under a light for 12 hours while the latter is kept for 18 to 24 hours. To make a DIY smell proof grow box, it is suggested to utilize 250 watts of light for the flowering room. This must provide the growers roughly 141 to 170 grams of bud each growing period or one month varying on the weed, nutrients, environment, etc. Also, it would be great to have quality weed seeds to utilize in this cultivation. 

Materials Needed

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hole saw drill bit (2 inches)
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Measuring Tape
  • Marker
  • Caulk (white)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood glue (optional)

Supplies Needed

DresserPower Supply and Tester (1)
Panda Film (15 cm x 25 cm)Compact Fluorescent Lamp (9)
Medium-Density Fireboard (1-4’x2’0.25)Hinges (2)
Ceramic Light Fixtures (9)Magnetic Closures (2)
Lamp Cord (8 feet)Power Strip (1)
Plugs (3 pieces)3 millimeters Plexi Glass (1)
Duct Fan (10 cm to 15 cm)Thermometer
Computer Fans (3 to 120 millimeters)Timer
Computer Fans (2 to 80 millimeters)

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. To begin making a DIY smell proof grow box, remove all the drawers and start to dismantle them using a rubber mallet. Do not forget to leave the top shelf for you to install the fans and pass the power in that part.
  2. Fastened one of the lower parts of the drawer to the forepart side of the dresser in order for you to have a space to fasten the front side of the drawer.
  3. Fastened the drawer fronts using the new handles.
  4. When it is done, slit a 6-inch pit into the interior of the top shelf that was left. Then put on a divider or wall in the center with a pit shape for a fan with 120 millimeters size. 
  5. Slit some holes at the top of the blossoming room. These holes will be used for the installment of 120 millimeters fans. Have an assurance to pour caulk on the borders inside the chest of the drawers to avoid problems with the light leaks. 
  6. Slit 4 pieces of timbers that have a similar width to the dresser and fastened them to the lower part. These timbers will help the new grounds.
  7. Build your grounds using the debris from bottom drawers. Make pits in them using a 2-inch hole saw drill bit so that the air can flow. It is vital because the air is the best buddy in these tiny areas. For the vegetative area, you can line the ground using a panda film. For the flowering room, it is okay not to use panda film.
  8. Hem the whole interior of the grow box using a panda film and mount the grounds.
  9. For the lights, it is best to connect them in a linear series and install them to fragment boards of 0.5 inches size. You may as well utilize parts of the dresser.
  10. For the 3 to 120 millimeters fans, it is great to utilize 2 for the roof to wear out hot air in the flowering room. One of these fans will be gusting air to the vegetative room. You can supply these fans with power using a power supply from a computer. Tester is also needed in order for the power supply to power the ventilators.
  11. Install the fans as well as the lights. This time, you may install 2 to 80 millimeters computer fans inside the smell proof grow box. The flow of air is the best buddy in these tiny areas. 
  12. Fasten the hinges to the door. Fasten the magnetic closures as well.
  13. Mount the door behind the dresser. You are still required to have a hardboard to fasten over the top. Your smell-proof grow box is completed.

The End Thought

Cannabis plants indeed have an unpleasant smell and overall, there is nothing we can do regarding this matter. You may utilize some products like a grow box or even make your DIY smell-proof grow box just to manage the heat and humidity and even control the flow of air in a particular direction. However, even though you apply this technique, the smell of your marijuana is still perceivable. Though it is not that powerful or perceptible, someone who knows the smell of flowering marijuana will determine it. Having the aroma of blossoming weed in your area is only something you need to manage if you wish to cultivate cannabis. With that, building a DIY smell-proof grow box would be of great help.

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