Guide to Growing Weed Underwater

Cannabis, marijuana, pot, or weed can be cultivated at any place, be it under various atmospheres or shifting conditions. Indeed, cultivating weed in the safest and constant room has a lot of clear methodologies that help you achieve the best potency and high-quality weed.

The various approaches and growing places permit the idea of growing weed underwater. Henceforth, this is one of the ways being talked in town or the cannabis world. Growing weed underwater or commonly known as the hydroponic method.

Hydroponic Method: Growing Weed Underwater

The hydroponic method for the weed cultivators has been going around the garden of both long-time and newbie growers. After some time, growing weed underwater has developed into an easier way and provides alternative ways on how to work it well.

  • Consequently, hydroponic is a growing technique where you grow weeds in a bath of water or in a flow that is intensely oxygenated and highly been given various supplements.
  • Not even a single amount of soil is being used throughout this process, and more likely, your wee develops in an inert and sterile growing medium.

General Points on Growing Weed Underwater

  • You should fill the reservoir to be used with the essential measure of the nutrient amount.
  • Suspend all the roots of your weed in the solution, doing this so will permit the roots to savor all the supplements you have added and will be added.
  • Furthermore, growing weed underwater gives a nonstop supply of oxygen, water, and nutrients.
  • Continue adding enough oxygen to where your weed’s root has been planted. Utilizing an air pump is the best key to add more oxygen. Furthermore, the work of the air pump may shield your weed from suffocation as it helps in creating bubbles.

Other Points on Growing Weed Underwater

Continuous Flow

  • This method gives a consistent progression of supplements to the roots of your weed.
  • This method normally utilizes a PVC pipe that has holes on the top part, as this will serve as the pots of your weed plants.
  • The supplements must be continually given and you can place it within the inside tube of the PVC pipe

Deep Water Culture

  • This method is a very basic yet compelling way to perfectly develop your weed. This is pretty alike to the aeroponic growing method. However, the roots of your weed are entirely submerged in the supplement solution.
  • Adding some air rocks within it will help your weed to have the best amount of oxygen.
  • This approach is ideal for newbie growers since this can be very simple to build and the least expensive method to do. Moreover, this also guarantees quick growth and a good harvest.

Ebb and Flood Method/System

  • The ebb and flood method/system is some kind of another alternative to keep the idea of growing weed underwater as much as possible.
  • A table that is at least ten (10) centimeters deep, a pump, a bunch of opaque plastics that will shield the light from directly hitting the roots, and a supplement solution reservoir are the things you needed to have.
  • The general work to make this happen is you just need to momentarily flood your weed’s root systems along with the supplements. At that point, let a cycle be done of draining it back to the reservoir. The easy way to keep this in a well-processed thing is by using an automated system, in which its framework is flooding the root in customary intervals.
  • Ensure that your pipe set up may control or can handle overflowing once it gets clogged. The pump you have installed will fill the table along with the supplements until it arrives within the overflow level where it helps on depleting back the flowing of it once it overflows.

Tips on Growing Weed Underwater

  • There are a few things you have to focus on regardless of which hydroponic method you use. The most important thing to know about is being conscious and right about the reservoir that you are using.
  • The reservoir is the number one thing that will responsibly hold the nutrients or supplements together with the water.
  • Henceforth, ensuring that you choose the large and fit reservoir that can work within a week or two from the moment you’ve added the supplements and water.
  • Do not forget to choose a reservoir that has a cover as to not lose a lot of water due to evaporation.
  • Place your reservoir close to the water source as this helps in avoidance to use buckets or hoses.
  • Make sure that you purchase sturdy reservoirs and it’s best if you purchase it in higher numbers, perhaps three (3) of it.
  • Three (3) sturdy reservoirs will hold both the supplements and water, the second one will hold the tap water for about two to three days to keep the pH neutral as the chlorine can dissipate, and the third one will serve as an extra if one of it may break.
  • The reservoir ought to be protected as this will let you help in controlling the temperature of the supplements you’ve added.
  • PPM and pH meters are the most essential bits of the way how growing weed underwater or the hydroponic system works, and doing this so will help in keeping you updated on the need for pH level during the vegetative or flowering phase.


At the point when your number thing to do is growing weed underwater, then the hydroponic system is the suitable answer for it. Growing weed underwater won’t cause you to find the best brand of soil, clay pellets, etc, just to make it grow best. As then, the only constant thing about it is how you put enough supplements along with how attentive you are to the process of growing.

Holding and making possible of growing weed underwater allows you to have a good harvest of your cannabis and out from nutrient-lack as the number one thing this needs when growing are the nutrients. You won’t get to fight with various insects that like to live on soils as well. As then, your best assistance must be keeping the system works in the best way along with taking so much care of it.

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