Useful Guide on How to Crossbreed Weed

You as a cannabis consumer or cannabis seller find cultivating weed on the lot you own is one of the fulfilling things that can be yours. This is because you are the number one person who controls everything, whether it can be in quantity or the quality of your weed.

As then, you may not only resort to the idea of growing weed in its normal or simple way. Henceforth, you may be bounded by the idea of how to crossbreed weed to cultivate new strains. A bunch of strains that is a product of experimentation that brings various new effects.

Various Methods on How to Crossbreed Weed

On the off chance that you’ve become a fanatic of a specific strain and have procured it from various sources, you may have presumably seen an unmistakable absence of consistency. The particular things may go on about inconsistent potency, terpene, or any out there.

The distinctions within the various growing environments together with the bunch of taking care of it reside in unique outcomes. And in that sense, you may then attain the work of how to crossbreed weed to keep the consistency on or to add some new things in which you have been fond of lately.

Weeds from the Same Batch

  • On high chances that are you so content with a group of normal cannabis seeds, then crossbreeding weed from the same batch is the key.
  • This crossbreeding method is an outdated ganja’s strategy where the main point is breeding cannabis to cannabis coming from a similar clump of seeds.


  • Backcrossing or otherwise called as “BX” inside the cannabis rearing dictionary.  The word itself explains that backcrossing is how you as a breeder take a look at the history of the cannabis hereditary line.
  • At the point when you want to know how to crossbreed weed through backcrossing, your target is to decide on two parents strains that have desirable traits. Consequently, you can choose any two parents strains that have attended most of your likings.
  • From the time you are crossing both strains, the first generation is now created.
  • The backcrossing method alludes to taking a strain out of the member of the genetic lineage or the family tree then proceeds by breeding it to any chosen one of the parent strains.
  • This sort of inbreeding heightens the genetic qualities of the parents as they are reared together constantly.
  • For instance, a female parent cannabis strain possesses high myrcene and CBD content is bred to one of its genetic lineages, then the outcome of it will be more grounded than those characteristics being given firsthand.


  • A polyhybrid is a way of how to crossbreed weed coming from two different hybrid strains. Different hybrid strains talks in the sense of coming from different landrace.
  • An F1 hybrid is a term used to mark the original generation of breeding strains from different landraces. Consequently, this points out as the first generation.
  • From the time the outcome of the F1 hybrid has been crossed with other strains via inbreeding then it must be called F2, F3, F4, and so on, indicating the generations they have taken up.
  • Notwithstanding, if the output F1 hybrid will be breed to another F1 hybrid from an alternative hereditary line, then a polyhybrid is the outcome of it. The word “poly” indicates that your strain has been crossed with many strains under various generations.
  • The beauty of polyhybrid is an extraordinary reproducing of the various one of a kind quality from various forms of cannabis strains.
  • All forms of F1 hybrid have shifting hereditary attributes from both strains that are used, which means polyhybrids are significantly more assorted or heterozygous.
  • The drawback of achieving polyhyrbid is that the outcome may not be as pleasant as it can be due to bombarded chemical contents that won’t sit well.


  • F1 marijuana seeds can be created by using a single female weed clone. Thus, these seeds only convey the hereditary qualities of the mother.
  • As a marijuana grower, you need to reverse the sex of your chosen female weed to incite self-fertilization. 
  • The common way to do selling is by deliberately stressing the blossoming female weed to create more couple of seeds.
  • Selling is a method that can only be applied to clone-only cannabis assortments to convert it to an F1 hybrid in a seed form.
  • Overall, the selfing method indicates the word “self-fertilization” or the work of marijuana through reproduction is only itself.

General Tips on Crossbreeding Weeds

  • The general tips on how to crossbreed weed require you to have a considerable amount of space in the growing room.
  • The very first thing you need to have is a separate room for nursery and propagation. Furthermore, doing this will keep you away from undesirable cross-pollination.
  • Additionally, you must separate the room of your male cannabis from your female cannabis.
  • If you ought to go with polyhybirds, then you need to prepare a really big room for cultivation.
  • The knowledge about pollinating cannabis flowers you must initially possess as this will start the process on some ways on how to crossbreed weed.


Reproducing cannabis or the how-to crossbreed weed is selective preservation of cannabis growers on the strains that they are fond of, doing the process on how to crossbreed weed needs mastery and essential skills to make crossbreeding follow the right way. Your choice of crossbreeding weed resorts on what strain’s potency, effects, terpene, or any content out of it will be blended to another one or just simply heighten it.

The process involves you working on crossing the same or various genetic lines. As then, crossbreeding weed brings you new outcomes out of your experimentation or just wanting to have it. Henceforth, the number one thing you must never forget on the way of how to crossbreed weed is that is this strain a compatible one to another, along with asking of your senses and instincts.

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