How to Boost Your High: A Must-Read for Stoners

Are you a stoner? If you’ve been into marijuana use for some time now, you must have been looking for a better and more intense level of sedation. If you loved the delightful high that an ordinary bud brings, why not try increasing that high feeling?

Well, if you’re asking about how to boost your high, then this article can be the answer you’re looking for. Forget about that tolerance you’ve developed through the years that you’ve been using cannabis because this article will give you some useful hacks.

Find out more about how to increase the heavenly effect of weeds to your body which not everyone knows about. The usual THC and CBD you get from smoking a single joint of your favorite bud cannot suffice no matter how much you take which might become dangerous already.

Being a regular user, you might find it hard to stay away from marijuana even for just a week or two which they say can be effective to reset the tolerance of your body to the drug. If that doesn’t work still, then your next move should be to try one of the hacks listed below.

Factors to Consider for a Lasting High

Apart from the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that marijuana buds naturally contains and which brings the psychoactive effects to smokers, other factors contribute to the high you’re feeling inside. Here are the important factors to look into:

1.  Method of Consumption

There are several ways you can get a taste of marijuana these days. However, the effects of each manner of consumption vary, too. For example, edibles take a long while before it can bring the high hit and for only a short while of stay in your body. The best method up to now remains smoking cannabis for stoners.

2.  A Person’s Metabolism

The body’s ability to metabolize and breakdown of the drug’s properties play very important roles in processing the high that marijuana creates. Just like in eating food, slow metabolism makes a person slower also to feel hungry afterward.

3. A Person’s Tolerance     

Beginners have the most privilege when it comes to the feeling of sedation fast at its most extreme level. The most unfortunate, however, are the experts who have stronger tolerance to such heavenly sensations. For a long time of having experienced weeds’ satisfying effect, their body has become so immune to it that they long for something stronger than their usual toke.

4.  Factors in the environment

The place, too, has a great effect on the body’s reaction to the bud’s high. Sedation is so much more intense when you are in an unfamiliar place than when you are in a place you feel comfortable staying.

5.  Marijuana strain

The combined cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of cannabis is what will bring you intense sedation. Not to mention the THC level they contain, too.

6.  Age, Gender, health condition, and weight

Other than the main factors mentioned above, your traits also contribute something to that high occurrence inside you. However, your health is the most important factor to consider as well because you might put yourself in danger if you’re not aware of your chosen bud’s effects.

Tips on How to Boost Your High

If you’re thinking that you’ve had enough of your cannabis experience, think again. There’s more to love and to watch out for from a weed. Here are some of the possible ways on how to boost your high and indulgence. Those are the following:

Tip #1 – Have a bite of some mangoes

This may sound weird but truly, this is a proven and tested method of increasing the high. Mangoes are a delightful combination to your favorite bud. Those fruits contain a terpene similar to marijuana which is the myrcene. By doing this, the terpenes can get to your bloodstream directly and create higher sedation right after.

Tip #2 – Drink some cannabis-induced tea

Most people who drink a lot of tea are said to feel marijuana’s sensations faster and more effective. It has anti-oxidants that help attach the terpenes and cannabinoids of cannabis into the endocannabinoids inside our body. Once the antioxidant elements of tea and the cannabinoids that weeds contain come together, sedation is much more felt inside, too.

Tip #3 – Take some nutty booster

Nuts are best to be snacks. It also contains Omega-3 which are healthy fatty acids for the heart that bind cannabinoids from the weed. If getting rid of your body’s tolerance against the bud’s sedation, then munching some nuts while you take is best for you.

Tip #4 – Toast some beer

Contrary to the idea that beer and cannabis are two elements not compatible to be consumed at the same time, toasting a beer while taking a few buds is a top favorite of stoners. With an experienced and wise smoker of cannabis, having both is easy and will be safe still. You don’t have to worry about vomiting or nausea to come after because you know that you only had the right dose of both.

Tip #5 – Sweet potatoes taste good, too!

The snacks you loved to munch during your free time is now offering you a sweeter way to another free ride to the higher level of sedation. Sweet potatoes, anyone? Your sweet French fries can be the best snack you’ll ever find in all your weed smoking journey. Serotonin content is an important element of this snack which makes your mood even more elevated.

Final Thoughts

With all the negativities going on in the world right now, you’d feel like it’s just right and appropriate to take a deep breath and feel the powers of marijuana in bringing relaxation and comfort to your stress and anxiety. Just a few minutes of escape through the couch-locking feeling that cannabis brings is enough to get you back on your feet and ready to leave another day. This article on how to boost your high is intended to inspire you more on exploring the cannabis world instead of simply being contented with what you already know. 

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