Pro Tips on How to Get More Crystals on Your Bud

Marijuana buds possess a curiously captivating and confounding look. If you are a consumer or a grower, you’ve probably come across crystals that have blanketed your Marijuana buds. These crystals, turn out to possess more decorations as well as the blistering point of in what way the herb can affect the senses. 

And because of the value of a bud’s sparkling characteristics, many wonders “how to get more crystals on your bud?” primarily farmers involved in the marijuana market. So, here is all of the relevant information to glimpse you an idea of the good things that will follow when these characteristics manifest, what they are doing, as well as how to get more crystals on your bud. 

What are These Crystals on Your Cannabis Bud?

It’s not about gazing at the outward landscape of buds to fancy the Bud since anything noticeable to the naked eye is simply a fragment of what your Cannabis Bud would taste like. You will also find a dense coat of glossy crystals growing at the edges of your Cannabis bud for a transparent description. 

You will sense its sticky nature by appealing to your sense of touch, and when you take a whiff, you will discover that it is full of the enticing fragrance. These crystallized edges, if you will look closer, are what we recognize as ‘trichomes.’ 

Trichomes are Crystals

Trichomes are mentioned as the parts found mainly on plants (including Cannabis), some, algae, protists, and lichens, by common definition. Trichomes originated from the word “trachoma” grounded on etymology, which is “hair growth” in Greek. These glossy lumps covering the Cannabis bud are not recognized for their good addition to making your Cannabis Bud look attractive. The very motivation why Marijuana is strong and aromatic is because of them. 

Trichomes are characteristics of numerous things, in addition to being accountable for preparing the stage to make cannabinoids known. In reality, growers desire to possess a lot of them glimmering on the topmost part of their Cannabis buds simultaneously. 

The Intention of Getting more Trichomes or Crystals

A perfect improvement to the overall appearance of cannabis buds may have remained Trichomes or Crystals. But in fact, they serve the function of the whole being of cannabis. These crystallizing edges are where these Cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, CBD develop for the main purpose. They are, therefore, the very cause why Marijuana buds can deliver both the body as well as the mind of the user with celestial sensations. 

Also, trichomes, often female crops, act as the protective mechanism of marijuana buds. When female Cannabis plants grow flowers outside, they become vulnerable to repeated insect attacks, the adverse effects of UV rays, and other issues that could jeopardize their entire life. 

By creating an unpleasant taste as well as a pungent scent that will eventually consider the bud indigestible, Trichomes deter these destructive forces. By using dense crystals, they are capable of sustaining strong rushed winds to take the meek as well as the growing flower and can regulate a fungal invasion. 

Methods on How to Get More Crystals on your Bud

No question that most farmers are more than interested in growing the occurrence of their Bud crystals. Luckily, certain techniques will make this a reality. There are methods on how to get more crystals on your bud: 

Offer an Appropriate Light

During the flowering period, cannabis plants reach their maximum peak of desire for strong light. The trichomes can grow smaller than average when cultivated under poor lighting. But then, some configurations are subjected to bright lights out there. Therefore, some good growing lights are capable of adding strength and potency to your Cannabis buds. 

1. Lights Develop UB-B / Metal Halide

Exposing your Cannabis buds to such lights will intensify the output of trichomes or crystals for a minimum of two to three weeks. Though, to prevent adversaries, it is strongly suggested to place the Cannabis plants under these luminosities before their harvesting state. 

Also, be reminded that when your arrangement is located in a fenced glass location, you should not use these kinds of lights because it blocks your UV rays. Reptile spotlights are recommended if you don’t have UV-B light. 

2. LED Lights to Rising

While it is common information that LED lights are not proficient in generating as much strength as UV-B, its rare LED spectrum will stress your Cannabis plants. As a protective mechanism, these methods may enable buds to produce more crystals. 

Adequate Climate

Your cannabis to grow is one commitment that you should not deny them of as it contributes to several unfortunate shows. Make certain that you accomplished it before its harvesting season, ideally before two weeks, if you know that your position requires any alteration. 

Generally, you will be reminded that the amount of humidity should never be at 30 percent below and that for three weeks it will stay like that. The temperature must remain between 25 and 26 degrees Celsius. Here below are helpful devices to monitor the said variables that will certainly assist you in this stuff: 

1. Dehumidifier

To regulate the dampness, while controlling the temperatures. 

2. Climate-Conditioner (Air-Conditioner)

The humidity can be controlled as it cools down the air. 

Utilizing Stressing as a Method

Trichomes are the defense mechanism of a cannabis bud, as mentioned. Consequently, to secure itself, cannabis would then create more coatings of crystals. But why not utilize the trichomes’ certain function as a method to increase them? 

Still, you will need to stress your Cannabis plants in a regulated setting to activate the said duty of the crystals. The solution will fail otherwise, as well as you will push the crop in its death. 

Here are deliberate methods of stress that might be useful for you: 

1. Mega Crop

Without damaging them, snapping and bending your Cannabis plants. 

2. Leaf-Cutting Method

During the harvesting time, you trim and prune its leaves. 

3. Three days of bright light deprivation before the time of harvest.

Take notice that this method is ideal for healthy Cannabis plants only. 


These tips will direct you to your query as to how to get more crystals on your bud. Remember that in producing trichomes, Cannabis plants are certainly abundant, which will never leave you an annoyance in this field. However, if you sense the necessity to try out with some crossing strains, many growers have already tried and verified these forms.

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