Smart Pots vs. Plastic Pots: Which One Should a Cannabis Grower Use?

Writing about growing bags seems to intrigue many readers. Minds are getting curious, as a by-product, questions were asked and demanded its answers. Many articles cover this topic but this one is tailor-made for people who have a genuine interest in cultivating their own precious Cannabis. The information laid out in this article came from the perspective of someone who has a comprehensive understanding as well as a fair amount of experience on matters concerning smart pots vs plastic pots and which one should you use to grow your precious Cannabis.

Distinctions between growing bags and regular pots will be labored in detail as you read this article. You might call this a descriptive blog post on smart pots vs. plastic pots, I suppose. 

The Prominent Plastic Pots

In this article, we’re carefully examining the differences between smart pots and plastic pots (aka cloth pots). 

There are many items profitable for them in plastic bags or pots. For the inexpensive and simplest rising containers to get ahold of, they are the go-to. These pots will be given to Home Depot as well as several gardening/hardware stores. 

On a side note, questions like, how are they going to work with your Cannabis plants? Any drainage issues will be owing to the loam and not your choice of the pot itself. If you pay attention to your plant’s growth, its roots can get connected pretty quickly. Well, we’re speaking about cannabis, so you’re going to focus your attention. 

When utilizing plastic pots, you would have to be mindful of your watering cycle because there is little to no flow of air into the pot. Overwatering means you are depriving your Cannabis plant of the essential nutrients found in air pockets and that naturally exist in the soil.

This procedure will result in a backup transplant and perhaps the loss of overwatered Cannabis plant if you’re careless. Most seasoned cultivators will have little to no issues with this nonetheless. 

The Rise of Smart Pots

I just tell up and coming because it seems that the most experienced growers, as well as people who enjoy as well as like to push the limits, were the people who used these pots. The reality is that for a long time now, cloth or smart pots have remained around. For various factors, many seasoned growers like them. 

Since smart pots are penetrable, the main reason is the risk of overwatering that goes down dramatically. In other words, water, as well as air, will flow right from side to side of the vessel. That doesn’t mean that in this sort of container you shouldn’t overwater your Cannabis plants. It’s just a bit more complicated to do this.

Though this is like a double-edged blade. It doesn’t mean that it does not have any problems since you can’t overwater it. Like freshening out more quickly. If the type of soil you have retains water for at least three days in a plastic pot, then the smart pot will retain the same amount for just one or two days but no more. That is due to the movement of air. The fabric made from which the vessels are made permits air to move through your material and create an impact, air pruning as it is known to be. 

Air pruning

There is something that I realize and this is critical though. For your Cannabis plant roots, air pruning was one of the known techniques to enhance the growing process. You learn that every tree possesses numerous roots underground and also aboveground branches. It is real. The same drives for every plant, marijuana included. This is exactly how, in small containers, we get big plants and labeled them root attached. The roots, since they have no place to go because they are tied. 

How does your smart pot or just the air pruning help with this in general? Do you always see, above ground, safe, growing roots? The only moment I ever saw it was on the root-bound type of plants. Many died from attempting to repair their plant’s foot binding. If I recall it right, it was an Aloe Vera that my mother had relocated over some years from her mother. Until the following season, she left those Aloe Vera in the same containers. Bad error. I assume that only a single plant or two survived out of nearly ten plants. 

If there is no place else to grow, the roots cannot grow above the ground. The absence of a growing medium as well as a few other factors hold the roots underground. That is how it gave birth to Air Pruning. 

Not stating my own experience, but personal observations as well as studies by others. I have overheard some individuals digging everywhere in the area during outdoor growing processes who want the Cannabis plant root form to remain in somewhat let the Cannabis roots just stroll and then grow.  The assumption for this approach is, it allows the Cannabis roots to expand down relatively out to the parties. The trenches all over the place of the plants make it possible to grow them closer together. They grow almost like they are in normal pots but not on your ground. 

Back to Smart Pots vs Plastic Pots

Air pruning is taken and they put it to use. Fabric pots let air enter the Cannabis roots with extra water so that air will flow smoothly delivering enough required nutrients. Unless you aren’t paying close attention, they even protect you to do overwatering your Cannabis plants. However, they do have some little cons. Fabric pots allow loam to dry much faster so that with each watering it can mean more water than less. Mind how you utilize the nutrients so with extra water they aren’t wasted. 

They may also break down more easily compared to plastic pots as well as it will want to be replaced regularly. 


One last thing to consider before declaring the victor in our smart pots vs plastic pots competition is its composition of materials used to create the pots. There are some self-explanatory plastic pots. Marketable fabric containers are constructed from fabric-like felt. With only some of the feelings they bought, many crafty individuals getaway by making their own. Each has positive aspects of its own and roughly negative ones. Whether you choose smart pots or fabric pots is determinant of what you will be growing in your garden.

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