How to Save Money on Weed

Weed and various cannabis products are now becoming more expensive. The price of cannabis smoking accessories also cost a fortune. If you need to take weed regularly then you must consider some of these money saving tips to get by. Here are the best ones:

Grow your own weed

Possibly the best way to save a lot of money on weed is to grow your own. If you need to take weed on a regular basis as medication or as a part of your medical treatment then you might as well grow your own.

If you have enough space at home (indoors or outdoors) you can start making your own weed growing area or growing room. Depending on how much weed you need according to your prescription, you can grow and harvest weed at home. You may use a spare room where you can grow plants. Some cannabis strains are shorter or smaller than other strains so it’s pretty easy to grow these stealthily.

It’s important though, that you learn important growing techniques. You can check out growing bibles or ask help from seasoned breeders about how to grow a specific strain. If growing and consuming weed is prohibited from where you are located, you can grow using a growing closet or a tent. By doing all these, you would be able to use weed without spending so much money.

Purchase from trusted suppliers

Your trusted weed supplier provides you with quality cannabis and this is a true value for your money. He may also give you discounts and free shipment or deliveries if you order more. How to find trustworthy suppliers? Check reviews online. Look for companies that offer free shipment and free gifts once you have reached a certain amount of purchases.

Make your own smoking device

Instead of buying bongs, bowls, and pipes, you can make your own from common household items. Almost anything can be made into a bong as long as you keep your mind open. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Create a smoking device out of old plastic bottles

Old plastic water bottles can be transformed into smoking devices. Use any kind of bottle and create a small hole just a few inches below the opening to create the mouthpiece. This is your mouthpiece. The opening of the bottle will be covered with aluminum foil punched with small pin-like holes to make the bowl.

2. Make a smoking bowl out of fruits and vegetables

Use large fruits like pineapples, melons, and watermelons. You need to remove the top of these fruits to gain access to the meat. Remove these and set the meat aside. Create a small hole along the side of the fruit to become your mouthpiece. Place dried weed inside and smoke it. Your weed will have a fantastic fruity aftertaste when you are done.

3. Create a smoking bowl out of a pen

An ordinary pen with a metal tip can be used as a smoking bowl. Just dismantle the pen; y you will have the metal tip. Invert the metal bowl and press it inward to create a bowl. Use a lighter to light up your weed.

4. Use a shell to make a smoking device

Use a moderately large and elongated shell. Dry this first before use by cleaning Use a cutter or a rotary tool. Cut and finish the mouthpiece. You may also use only a bit of weed to save money or share with friends to

Smoke with friends

Possibly the most practical way to save money when smoking weed is to smoke this with friends. When you smoke with friends, you and your friends will split the cost of the weed, paraphernalia and the food you will be eating afterward.

Imagine buying weed and splitting the cost with four or five of your friends. You can also split the cost of your bong, bowl and all other stuff you need. After consuming weed, you are likely to suffer from pangs of hunger and you definitely need to prepare in case this happens. So stock up on pizza, sweets, chips, and soda; purchase these and split the bill.

Smoke using a bong and not using a joint

This is a very important fact and will save you a lot of money too. Notice that consuming cannabis by rolling and smoking a joint is the fastest way to get a high BUT you will end up burning your weed faster too. This is because you are exposing the dried material to direct fire and this is like burning your money.

Whereas burning your weed with a bong is more economical. You can make even a small gram of dried weed for days as long as you smoke moderately. This is because you are not exposing dried weed to direct heat and flame.

Although smoking joints is easier and joints are easy to carry and take anywhere, smoking with a bong is cleaner and safer. So if you are on a pinch, you can smoke even bits of dried weed from your grinder using a bong or pipe.

Use only clean paraphernalia

A dirty bong or pipe is no good. You will end up ruining or wasting the weed you purchased when you use dirty devices. So every time you are done smoking, grab a natural cleaner to clean the inside of pipes and cannabis. Use simple household items at home like baking soda, vinegar or dish soap to clean; these are effective as well. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the bong or pipe and you will save yourself a lot of money.

Use less expensive forms of cannabis

While dried weed is one of the most common forms of cannabis for sale, it could be very expensive. You can purchase concentrates, edibles or oils which could cost less. You must also compare prices from one cannabis supplier to another to get the best price on weed. Take your time and compare so you won’t have to pay so much for weed.

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