Top 10 Best Marijuana Games for Android Users

Marijuana might be one of your interests now. Maybe you are not just interested in growing or using marijuana, but you are also interested in games about cannabis. Is it possible to play games about cannabis? Are there games about it? Well, for you to get answers to those questions, you have to keep on reading this article. This article will be about the possible marijuana games for android that you might be interested in. 

You will be able to have ideas on what cannabis games are perfect for you. Through this article, you will be able to acquire knowledge about the games and how to play them. Therefore, if you are interested in it, let us get started. 

What are some interesting marijuana games for android?

Due to the large range of games as well as the applications we have now, we are now able to play some interesting games on our phones conveniently. If you are fond of marijuana and you are maybe interested in some cannabis games on your phone, then you do not have to worry because there are some applications for you. 

Aside from the games, other applications could help growers in cultivating weed as well as those applications that would give people more ideas about weed. However, let us explore more on the marijuana games for android that might entertain you. 

Here are some lists of the games you might be interested in:

Hempire Game

This game is for free and the LBC Studios Inc. developed this game. It is a game about putting yourself as a cannabis entrepreneur. You will be going to have a business about indoor marijuana growing. One of your tasks is to complete some missions and you will meet some different game characters to help you with that. Once you have completed the missions, you will be able to unlock other new options and examples for this are enhancing new marijuana hybrids, cannabis cups entering, or even the building up of the laboratory that is for extracting marijuana plants. 

This game is very much interesting and it can help you with managing your crop. The graphics of this game are excellent. There will also be a multitude of characters that are not players that you would be going to have an interaction with. 

Weed Firm 2: Back to College

The system of this game is somewhat the same as the hempire game. This game will be able a student in botany who got expelled from a University. The student will decide to grow and sell weed because it is what the student is good at. This game consists of some quirky characters and it also includes aliens. You will be going to set different marijuana businesses up. There is an option of customizing your store and protecting the assets as well as those people who are troublesome. 

Aside from growing weed, this game also includes other option for growing magic mushrooms. There will be choices of the strain numbers that you can use for selling and growing. 

Bud Farm Grass Roots

This game was developed by the LDRLY. It is about keeping the selling and growing of weed. The player must be able to organize the growing and must be able to provide a product with good quality to the customers. The player has to unlock the buildings in the game. It would allow the player to hire some workers in helping with some tasks in the game. 

In this game, the farm can also be customized and can be added with some decorations. This is a free game; however, there are some items with the option of getting It by buying it with money that is real. 

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel

If you are a fun of the jewel games, then this is a perfect game for you. This game was developed by the Firm Extreme. You have to match the tiles with the same feature and design for you to eliminate those tiles. 

The game’s mechanics are very easy to follow and it is an interesting game with some levels that you need to unlock. It is a free game, but it also includes the option of purchasing it. 

Weed Shop

This game is also available not just for android users, but also for ios users. There are modes in the game where you can play multimode or single-mode. The game requires the player to cultivate and grow hemp and the player must sell the hemp for medicinal purposes. If you work hard on this game, your store will be filled with hemp products.

iSmoke: Weed HD

This is a good way of helping you in selling weed legally. In this game, you will be able to know the types of weed that you can smoke legally. It can be downloaded on both android and ios. This is a very easy and simple game with outstanding visual effects as well as graphics. 

Ganja Farm – Weed Empire

If you are interested in playing card games, then this is a suitable game for you. You will need to grow weed in different weed farms. You can grow them both outdoor and indoor. You need to build a big empire. It is where the marijuana that is health-friendly is located. There would be a character of a Rastaman who smokes weed and you have to stay in the Rasta man’s place so you can play the game. 

Weed Wars

In this game, you will be able to learn in cultivating weed. The player would be able to get seeds that are large in number and the player would be able to choose the seeds to cultivate. If you play this game, your goal is to earn more on your business and you can use some promotions with the help of using some accessories. 

BudTrimmer HD

The graphics of this game are amazing and it can be downloaded on ios and android. In this game, the player must grow and cultivate weed. When it is compared with fruit ninja, this game doesn’t have many colors that might get the player confused about it.

Weed Tycoon

This game would help you in coming up with some expectations of the weed users depending on the level of their mental side. You will be able to learn in creating vegetation through this game.  The game will also be about selling weed to some people. 


The stated marijuana games for android in this article would be helpful for those people who are looking for some interesting games about weed. In choosing a cannabis-related game, you must choose something that would meet your expectation and it would be better to choose the free ones. 

You have already an idea of what game to download and free. What are you waiting for? Choose your own marijuana game now and enjoy gaming. 

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