Dealing With Iron Deficiency in Cannabis

Do you grow cannabis plants? What will happen when your plants have problems with the lack of iron? Don’t you have any ideas about it? Well, this article will help you with that. You will get some ideas on what to do with the problem of iron deficiency cannabis. 

You will know what iron deficiency is and you will be able to understand how important iron is. You will also get some ideas on what to do if you are a cannabis grower who is dealing with this problem. It will also be important that you know some signs of it. Now, let us start exploring it. 

Iron Deficiency Cannabis: Details and Information

One of the usual deficiencies that growing weed has is the lack of iron which is very dangerous for your plants as it can result in problems that are serious. Maybe you are wondering about the reason of making iron as the element that is crucial, it is because it has the role of chlorophyll formation. 

The green pigment can absorb light and carbon dioxide that will eventually convert to the plant’s food. Iron can also be helpful for the growth of the leaves. Therefore, if there is an iron deficiency in cannabis, it will affect the ability of the plant to grow and store some energy. 

If your plants are lack iron, they will become very weak at the same time malnourished. This might be the reason for your plants for getting some diseases and the growth will be affected as well. If you will not do anything about it, it will greatly affect the quality of your plant’s buds as well as the yield. However, you can still save your plants and stop the lack of iron problem before it will become worse. 

What are the signs of the lack of iron in cannabis?

It is important that you know the signs of having a lack of iron, so you will be able to know how to prevent it as well. There are still things you can do to help your plants back to their healthy state. 

Early indications of the lack of iron

You will be able to know that your plants lack iron by looking at the leaves of your plants. They will turn to the place yellow color; however, the plant’s veins will stay green. If you will not treat this, this will become worse and turns to older leaves. Lack of iron would affect the new and fresh growth first and that will be on a top area of your cannabis plant. 

Late indications of the lack of iron

If left not treated, the pale-yellow leaves will become bright and would spread with the entire part of the leaves. The good thing about it is that the spreading of iron deficiency would be slow. Therefore, you have enough time in getting it diagnosed correctly and treating it well. 

How can it be treated?

What are the possible ways of treating it? If you have found an iron deficiency problem in your marijuana plants, you might want to proceed with the method of treating it. You need to do the 3 usual ways of ensuring effective and quick treatment for your plants. 

Flushing and adding nutrients

Your medium of growth should have the exact potential hydrogen or pH, which will help in promoting iron absorption. This would be helpful in a fast recovery of the plants that are malnourished. 

You have to begin this method of flushing the medium of growing with the use of water with a pH that is 6. Through this step, there won’t be excess minerals that are locked iron out. After that, you have to the watering step with the solution that is an all-around nutrient that is made from cannabis. You should also check the pH regularly in order to avoid having this problem again. 

Spraying with the Iron Chelate

In order to regain the chlorophyll, you can spray the leaves that are affected with the iron chelate. However, this treatment would be just temporary for treating the lack of iron weed plants. It would be only helpful for those leaves that were there during the spraying of iron chelate. Hence, the application of it should be repeated when new leaves would appear. 

Using some soil additives

You can also use some soil additives in treating this problem. It would depend on the grower of what soil additives would be best for their plants. In adding soil additives, you have to make sure that it is necessary and would help treat this problem. 

You can add compost to your soil. It would be good at decreasing the value of the pH by 0.1- 0.2. It would stabilize the soil and enrich it with the element of iron. You can consider adding sulfur to the soil. It would take a long to observe effects. However, it can give a cure that is long-lasting. Lastly, you can consider adding fertilizers. You can use the fertilizers that are nitrogen in lowering the level of the pH and making the iron accessible. 


As a cannabis grower and for those who are about to grow weed, you have to know that there are problems you can encounter with your plants. You have to be wise enough and knowledgeable enough to know about the problems and you must also know how to deal with it. 

You already have an idea of what to do with iron deficiency cannabis. You must also remember the signs that would indicate the lack of iron in weed. By this, you will be able to know when to do an action and what actions you can do. Some ways were mentioned above on how to treat this problem, you must determine which way is possible and suitable for your plants. Therefore, when you deal with this kind of problem, you must first know everything about it which is from the signs of it to the possible treatment for it. 

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