What is The Best Marijuana Growing Temperature

What are the things I should know about weed? If you are an enthusiast marijuana grower, then you would like to know lots of things about cultivating weed. You would feel the need to know some things that would help you in growing your weed. One factor of growing your weed right is to know the marijuana growing temperature. What is the best temperature for growing weed? You may be wondering what it is. Well, you came to the right article. 

With the help of this article, you would be able to know the right temperature for growing your marijuana plants. You will get ideas about how temperature affects your plants. You will learn more about the things you should consider in choosing the right temperature. Let us get started. 

Marijuana Growing Temperature: Things You Should Know

How can you possibly grow marijuana plants successfully? What are the things that you should do? In growing weed, you have to know the exact marijuana growing temperature. The room temperature would greatly affect the ability of your marijuana plants in photosynthesizing as well as in growing. 

When it comes to photosynthesis, there would be processes of it that are dependent on the light and independent of the light. For the light-independent, the temperature of the room would affect the photosynthesis process. It can make the rate of photosynthesis either decreasing or increasing. 

The reactions of light-independent to photosynthesis would be in the stroma fluid part which surrounds the grana and can be found in chloroplasts.  Specific enzymes catalyzed the reactions and will work well at specific temperatures. Therefore, those marijuana plants that grow with the ideal temperatures will most likely to photosynthesize faster compared to the marijuana plants that are being grown in very low or very high temperatures. 

To sum it up, marijuana plants can be grown best with temperatures of twenty to thirty degrees Celsius or equivalent to seventy to eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit and this would be during the day. Some growers agree that the ideal temperature would be about twenty-five degrees Celsius or seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit. During the night, the marijuana plants like cooler temperatures and it would be around seventeen-twenty degree Celsius or sixty-two to sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. 

What will happen if the temperature is very hot?

What if the temperature is super hot? Will my plants survive? There would be a lesser concern when the temperature is high compared when it low. You have to know that marijuana plants will less likely to die due to the very hot temperature. However, thirty degrees Celsius would affect the growth of your marijuana plants. The growth would be slower and the enzymes will not properly work.

Aside from that, your plants will also be high risk with diseases for the reason that high temperature attracts some diseases and pests. It will also lead to the fast evaporation of your water to the soil, which means watering your marijuana plants regularly would be very essential. It would be possible for your marijuana plants to struggle in taking up some nutrients in the soil. Your plants might be affected by so much stress. 

What will happen if the temperature is very cold?

What if the temperature is very cold? Will it be beneficial for my plants or not? If the temperature is very cold, it will shock your plants and it can kill your plants completely. It will be better for the growers to avoid cultivating weed in a place below fifteen degrees Celsius or fifty-nine Fahrenheit.  

When the temperature is cold, it would be a cause of the plant’s photosynthesis rate reduction. The light-independent reactions would not be active in cold temperatures. It can also be the result of molds and would damage your crops. You have to remember that the marijuana plants can be placed in an environment that is slightly cold during the night or at about eighteen degrees Celsius. 

The best temperature for your cannabis plants

You have to remember that when you grow marijuana plants the ideal room temperature should be at about twenty-five degrees Celsius. However, the temperature good for your plants can be different from other types of marijuana plants. Hence, it would be better to observe your plant’s growth when you are planning to cultivate weed. By this, you will be able to know and find out the temperature that is suitable for your plants. 

You can consider the right temperature that was mentioned above and if you think it does not work, you can find the perfect temperature for your plants. You have to take note that when you grow weed, there will be so much observation that you have to make. There are many varieties you need to observe and learn. Through this, you will be able to successfully grow the marijuana plants that you are aiming for and you will get the result that you are expecting with. 


In this article, you were able to know the ideal marijuana growing temperature that most of the marijuana cultivators prefer. You were able to get some ideas that you can use in growing cannabis plants. It would be necessary to remember the temperature that may harm and damage your crops. 

If you are aiming to grow weed successfully and if you want to get good yields and result in return, you should have enough knowledge on how you can achieve it. There are some reasons stated above as to why you should not choose an environment with very low or very high temperatures. By understanding the reasons behind it, you will get an idea as to what the right temperature for your plants is. 

Choosing the right temperature for your crops may be different from one marijuana plant to another marijuana plant. Hence, you need to observe and see what temperature works best for your plants. You can try to experiment more about the temperature best for your crops if the usual 25 degrees Celsius will not work and you will surely get what you want to achieve for your crops.

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