DWC vs Drip System: Which is the Perfect Hydroponic Method of Growing Weed

Undoubtedly, the hydroponic growing system is progressively growing and continues to do so due to its popularity, efficiency, convenience, and eco-friendly process. However, starting your hydroponic setup can be a tough decision to put together. Compared to the straightforward and simple process of regular soil gardening, hydroponic is going to cease to function if the grower has no correct preparation and understanding. 

But equipped with appropriate knowledge, tremendous benefits will experience including fast harvesting time, favorable output, potent quality of cannabis, and manageable growing process. In this article, we will look into the different types of hydroponic growing systems and dig deeper into DWC vs Drip system. We will also discuss which among these two growing systems is the perfect hydroponic method of growing weed. 

Defining DWC vs Drip system

DWC Growing System

Deep Water Culture, or abbreviated as DWC is the most affordable and most simple hydroponic system that is favorably convenient for beginner growers to setup using small-scale spaces. In this type of growing operation, the air is pump into the system to disseminate the oxygen towards the nutrient solution. 

Between DWC vs Drip System, in DWC, the cannabis plants are put together using plastic or styrofoam and positioned it over the water-filled with rich nutrients. Typically, the DWC growing system is the best example among teachers when introducing the hydroponic method of growing weed among beginners of this field. 

Drip System

Drips system or known as a drip irrigation system, or dripper as commonly termed by many growers, employs a method of growing by a direct watering the roots of cannabis plants using the critical application. Comparing the DWC vs Drip System, the latter seems more precise and fundamental when performed. 

In this type of hydroponic growing system, the water application is done by spraying a mist od water from a basic drip emitter. Compared to sprinkles used in some hydroponic systems wherein plenty of water is wasted, the drip system method utilizes an automated water amount specifically needed by cannabis plants. This usually emits a gallon of water per hour as opposed to other forms that emit a gallon per minute. 

A popular method among commercial growers, the drip system can cater to large scale plants that between DWC vs Drip System, only the latter can provide. Regardless of the simple process of putting up a drip system method setup for your cannabis plants, this type of hydroponic growing is more sophisticated and less simple to put together compared to a deep water culture system, especially among beginners. 

DWC vs Drip System: How Does It Work?

DWC Growing System

The simplest form of hydroponic growing system and works by allowing the roots of cannabis to thrive using nutrients and oxygen infusion. The roots of the plants are submerged in a solution loaded with nutrition throughout the end of its growing process and they are supplied 24/7 with oxygen through an air pump. With these processes, the cannabis plants will grow extremely fast because they are loaded non-stop with nutrients and oxygen. 

Drip System

Comparing DWC vs Drip System, in the drip system, the plants are placed in a pot and they are supported using either pebbles or rock wool. The water is loaded with rich nutrients and pumped to the growing medium. It will gradually drip through the pipes and runs down to the roots of the cannabis plants. This continues to flow automatically, hence resulting in a much faster growing process. 

The Perfect Hydroponic Method of Growing Weed

According to Efficiency and Growth 

Choosing between the two, DWC vs Drip System, the former growing system is the perfect type of hydroponic method if you are aiming for a simpler preparation and set up. Unlike the drip system, it requires a precise and controlled manner of application to avoid ruining the entire setup. 

Potentially, if not properly established, it will clog up and ruin the plants. The roots may likewise end up rotting or infected with fungus if the dripping is in too much amount, and while too little dripping can less to stunted development of plants. It would also be unfortunate if the power shuts off in the system and the dripping stops, as it can ruin the whole growing system. 

So, if you are a beginner who is a first-timer in hydroponic, the drip system is surely not for you. However, you can get a perfect hydroponic result in growing weed through DWC. 

Moreover, due to the natural continuous manner of delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cannabis plants, between DWC vs Drip System, the former is much efficient in producing large quantities of output. The natural flow of the system accelerates the development of plants, thus it is much faster to thrive compared to a drip system. If you prefer such an advantage, this is the perfect hydroponic method indeed.

According to Maintenance 

When it comes to maintenance, between DWC vs Drip System, the former is a perfectly convenient hydroponic method in growing weed. Regardless of the periodic water changing of the system to sustain the nutrients and water are fresh, everything else can be managed effortlessly. From time to time, checking of pH level is necessary to maintain an equilibrium of the environment within the growing medium. 

Whereas, the drip system needs a strict application of maintenance. These maintenances must include constant cleaning of the filters, checking and monitoring of the power connections and drippers, and fully tidying every circuit by removing unnecessary residues submerged after every cycle of growth. Between DWC vs Drip System, the latter employs distinct skills to pull off the maintenance needed for this growing method and to ensure that there is proper delivery of specified nutrients at each stage of the growing process. 

It is much easier to say that if you are a beginner, the perfect hydroponic method of growing weed is the DWC system and for skilled growers equipped with relevant hydroponic knowledge, the perfect hydroponic method will be the drip system. 

According to Affordability

Both of the hydroponic methods mentioned here are efficient in producing large crops and healthy output, however, the affordability in building each may differ greatly. Between DWC vs Drip System, the former utilizes less cost on equipment as it merely employing few tools and materials compelled for building, like air pump and container. 

On the other hand, the design of the drip system is not meant to be built from cheap materials or it could lead to disastrous aftermath. It must be built from high-quality materials and equipment to prevent any clogging and ruining. Thus, if you are concern about finances and the cost of building, this type of hydroponic method may not be perfect. 

According to Growing Scale

In terms of growing scale, between DWC vs Drip System, the latter will be advantageous more on growers aiming for a large scale of crops. It can accommodate more than ten cannabis plants in one growing medium. Also, the usage of water and fertilizer is reduced significantly, so in long-term usage of this method, it helps in reducing the cost of the whole growing process. 

Whereas the DWC system may only accommodate a small scale of cannabis plants. Hence, it is only advantageous among beginners who are meant to start small cannabis crops initially, before transitioning into commercial operation. Needless to say, the perfect hydroponic method of growing weed will matter on your goal as a grower. The DWC is a perfect hydroponic method when growing small-scale weed, while the drip system is a perfect hydroponic method for a large scale of weed cultivation.

Final Words

Undeniably, both of the hydroponic methods are perfect in growing weed, however, when it comes to efficiency, cost of production, maintenance, and growing capacity, selecting between DWC vs Drip System, the Deep Water Culture or DWC system is the perfect hydroponic method. Above all, it is favorable for beginners to try as well.

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