How to Build a Refrigerator Grow Box the Easiest Way

Grow box, an isolated environment for cannabis plants wherein humidity, ventilation, temperature, lighting, and other elements required for growing and issues that growers will encounter in a general cultivation process are all controlled and managed. 

Further, grow boxes are not merely limited to cannabis cultivation but likewise include other plants like vegetables and flowers. To achieve this kind of isolated environment for your beloved plants, there are simple ways to do it. With the use of an unused and unfunctional refrigerator, you can convert this into a relatively functional Refrigerator Grow Box. In this way, you are recycling an appliance and produce an output from it. 

We will discuss in this article how to build a refrigerator grow box using simple steps, that even beginners will immediately turn into expert-like cultivators. Let’s check them out below. 

Refrigerator Grow Box

Being competent to understand how to build a refrigerator grow box is an advantageous skill when starting your cultivation of cannabis plants. Having your controlled growing room for plants is such an advantage and prevents you from encountering any issues within an enclosed system. 

Within the refrigerator grow box, the cannabis plants are conserved from any type of pests and diseases while being protected from unfortunate situations and weather, like drastic coldness and hotness. 

Easy Steps On How To Build A Refrigerator Grow Box

Preparing the Refrigerator

Find any unused refrigerator or damaged ones to be able to start this project. Just make sure that the damage of the refrigerator does not include the door seals because the refrigerator growth box is still required to close tightly so the interior enclosed environment is conserved. Also, ensure that there is nothing left inside the refrigerator before using it as a grow box. Removed them immediately or ask for professional help if any refrigerator materials could potentially hinder and harm the plants. 

Take off the air compressor, wires, stack shelves, coils, and other elements inside the refrigerator that will only add unwarranted burden to the refrigerator grow box. Keep aside the shelves because you can use them for later purposes. Start cleaning the interior of the refrigerator with the use of non-abrasive soap. Rinse thoroughly and make sure no residue of soap is left inside the refrigerator.

Lining the Refrigerator 

Using an aluminum foil and some glue, stick the aluminum foil on the surface of the refrigerator inside. Make sure everything is covered but, do not include the bottom part of the refrigerator. An estimated time required for the glue to dry is approximately two hours at least. 

Grow Light Attachment 

Determine where you position the grow lights of your choice. Using a drilling tool, drill a hole at the upper portion of the back portion of the refrigerator box. This will serve as the passage of the power cord, thus the diameter of the hole has to be huge enough to fit it in. 

In doing this step, you are required to wear safety clothing and a shield to ensure that you will not experience accidents when drilling a hole. While drilling, there is a higher chance that you will encounter insulation, therefore it has to be removed using protective gloves and throw it properly. After which, inside the refrigerator box, attach the grow lights on the top portion and using a cable or chain, suspend it from the top. This a crucial part of how to build a refrigerator grow box. 

On the hole you drilled previously, insert the power cord and pull it so there is nothing left dangling inside the box. To check if the lighting coverage of the grow lights is reaching everything inside, switch on the light for checking. If there is not much light and some areas are getting limited lighting or no lighting at all, it is best to attach another grow light. You may also try repositioning the grow light to see any changes in the coverage. 

Fan Attachment 

This time you need to attach exhaust fans for the ventilation of your refrigerator grow box. Initially, you need to cut around four holes at the back of the refrigerator box’s wall. The size should be adequately large to fit the fans when flushed. The two fans must be placed close to the upper exhaust fan and the other two fans must be placed on the lower part, so it can carry the clean air inside. Position the fans snugly inside the hole you cut and it must be in front of the box’s interior. 

For alternative ventilation, you can attach an exhaust fan large in size placed at the back portion of the refrigerator box. You can drill a hole in the lower portion of the exhaust fan for additional ventilation. The hole must be a similar size to the fan. 

Finishing Touches

In this part, you need to bring back the shelves into the refrigerator grow box and position your plants the way you want it. The plants must be potted and the grow lights much reach all your plants inside. At this point, the opening of the refrigerator grows box must not be frequent if no intentions are required. You only need to open it when it is time for watering, harvest, or maintenance employed. 

The most crucial part of finishing is the location of the grow box where it will thrive. Make sure that a sensible area must be chosen where the refrigerator grow box can have an equilibrium of temperature. It must not be positioned directly facing a window as it can experience overheating and controlling the heat might be tough. Ideally, you can place it in the basement or garage. 

Once the growing finishes, the refrigerator grow box must be cleaned again thoroughly before starting new cultivation. There will be some cases that pests and parasites may crawl and could infect the next cannabis crops. It could also damage the construction of the whole refrigerator box if got worse.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, a refrigerator grow box is an exceptionally convenient growing medium for cultivators who desire to thrive personal cannabis crops and aiming for an indoor growing setting. Hence, being competent to know how to build a refrigerator grow box is practically advantageous.  

Apart from mimicking a real-life growing environment and ensuring interior plants are away from harsh climate change, the odor emits by cannabis plants are controlled and keep plants concealed. Additionally, monitoring, maintenance, and supervision are all lessened considerably, given that everything required by cannabis plants is automatically delivered. 

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