Grafting Marijuana Plants Like an Expert

Grafting is the type of a vintage horticultural practice that takes into account numerous plant assortments to develop from a single parent plant. This method has been going over and over for ages, and somehow this is a common practice among experienced growers but most cannabis growers don’t know this method.

Grafting marijuana will help you outgrow new marijuana along with one of the stems situated in your marijuana. Consequently, grafting marijuana includes taking the upper piece of your plant where it is named as scion and joining it to another marijuana where it is named as rootstock.

The Procedures on Grafting Marijuana

Grafting in general terms is an asexual type of proliferating plant, which means the propagated plants will safeguard all the attributes of the marijuana plant they come from. Henceforth, grafting marijuana involves keeping the best characteristics of your marijuana to have it for most numbers and good qualities.

Grafting marijuana needs your entire concentration along with patience as this can be quite intricate to perform. Experienced growers are the number one recipients when it comes to grafting marijuana as this generally requires a reasonable piece of horticultural information.

Materials Needed for Grafting Marijuana

  • 19mm Masking Tape
  • Cannabis Plant (The plant itself and cutting)
  • Exacto (X-Acto) blade or extremely sharp steel
  • A glass of water (Must possess the range of room temperature)
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Spray bottle filled with weak supplement (nutrient) solution

Factors on Picking a Cutting Marijuana Plant for Grafting Marijuana

You should initially pick a cut out from the marijuana plant that you need to use for grafting marijuana. You must pay special attention to cutting and ought to think about a couple of things needed to be considered;

  • What strain it is,
  • How long is the blooming period of the strain you’ve chosen,
  • The size of the marijuana to be cut,
  • On what part of the branches will it go to, and
  • The general health of the marijuana plant.

Important Note: You need to pick the strains that have a similar time within the flowering stages of both where you cut the marijuana and where it will go. This is on the grounds to guarantee that your strains will grow at a similar time. Additionally, pick the branch that has the same size as the other one as they need to fit together for better success in grafted marijuana.

1st Phase: Cutting

  • You must take a deep thought on the sizes coming from both marijuana plants you have chosen. Ensuring that they are so close in size is the best thing, and then proceed by removing that branch that you might want to utilize.
  • Use the exact (X-Acto) knife or razor blade for cutting, but bathe it first in isopropyl alcohol to avoid any form of pathogens that may impose wounds on the plant tissues. Also, doing this will help in decreasing the danger of infection through the usage of sterilized blades.
  • Next, slice the branch around on the bottom part of the stem at best on a 45-degree angle. The degree of angle will expand the surface area and increment odds of successful marijuana grafting.
  • Don’t ever leave the cutting in an open-air room as this will conform the base with too many air pockets, which may incite issues on the grafting part. As then, put the cutting into a container with water that has room temperature.

Factors on Picking Parts to Graft your Cutting

  • Presently you may now have your cuttings and the idea of what size branch you should graft them must be the next consideration.
  • Keep an eye on your chosen plant and locate the best are to graft it. Search for a spot within your cannabis plant that will get a ton of light.
  • When you already found the perfect place to graft your cutting, you must then go back to the same process of eliminating the cutting using a clean blade bathe in isopropyl alcohol. Next is when you cut it at a 45-degree angle through halfway down of the marijuana plant.

2nd Phase: Grafting

  • Place out the cutting from the water and then spray it with some weak supplement solution.
  • Line both ends of the cutting and the marijuana plant as you need to stick them as one.
  • Next, apply enough amount of type on both ends where you meet (stick) it.
  • To guarantee that the branch is all around upheld, you can add more tape but make sure it is not too much.
  • Following a couple of days, the branches that are stick together are now in the process of healing and once you can see it heals, you may now start to eliminate the tape. Delicately, you should do the process of removing the tape as the stem seems to be fragile at the moment.

Points of Interest on Grafting Marijuana

  • There are genuine advantages to doing the method, grafting marijuana, particularly on the chance that you want to try various strains but don’t have enough growing space to do as such.
  • Grafting marijuana permits you to grow a sole part of the strain coming from another marijuana plant, and achieve two marijuana varieties at the same time.
  • Consequently, this method helps in increasing yield.
  • This likewise pays a part of growing cannabis with a big opportunity to have a few distinct cannabis strains without having a wide number of plants.
  • Grafting marijuana is also an ideal method to develop cannabis on several aspects with no restriction on the growing space as the new marijuana (from cutting) can sit on the planted marijuana.


Grafting marijuana is an amazing cultivating procedure that permits you to develop numerous cannabis strains from a single cannabis plant. This method is a hack of hitting two birds with one stone as you only need a parent plant and another plant that can be stick together and then grow two varieties of marijuana plants.

The traits or characteristics that you want from the parent cannabis can now be grown together with the other traits or characteristics that you also want from the other cannabis. As then, this will help you get the best number of yields and impose the advancement of your gardening skills. 

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