Growing Cannabis in the Winter: Is This Possible?

Growing cannabis has always been fun, especially to the aficionados. But have you ever wonder whether it is possible to grow cannabis in the winter? Well, the answer to your inquiry is – yes. Although it is quite far from excellence, it is never impossible to carry out a yield during the coldest season. All you have to do is to learn how and be attentive with the helpful guides.

Clearly, cultivating in winter is never the same as growing in the dry season. Hence, you should acquire the applicable knowledge. Growing cannabis in the winter does not have to be a disaster. As a matter of fact, cannabis growing during the cold season draws several advantages. With the appropriate conditions in indoor cultivation, you can flourishingly harvest top-rated cannabis. 

How Is It When Growing Cannabis in the Winter?

When cultivating cannabis in the winter, even indoor growing is under the grace of this cold season – thus, still necessary to do some essential measures. Cold and dry air, along with lethargic temperatures, can make issues with proportionate humidity and concentration of light. However, that does not conclude that you cannot grow cannabis in the winter. Nobody says it will be that easy, but it is surely doable.

There is no denying that cultivating in the winter season would require more attention and TLC. The easiest manner of growing cannabis in the winter is to grow it indoors. Here, you should have to regulate variables such as temperature, humidity, and light cycle to make the preferred environment for the plants to thrive. Following the useful guides and a good mindset, you can thrive with your venture. 

  • Beginning with Suitable Strains

If you decide to grow cannabis during winter outdoors, then you should go away from photoperiod strains. Instead, choose auto-flowering strains. Photoperiod strains demand a change in the cycle of light to flower and that is something you can attain when you cultivate outdoors.

Auto-flowering strains, diversely, will naturally flower according to age, despite the amount of light that they get. Auto-flowering strains have ruderalis genetics which is commonly suited to the winter season.

  • Consider Growing in a Greenhouse

The most common cannabis cultivations in the winter are performed in greenhouses. You can cultivate in flowerpots or directly into the ground since they are not that cold when in the greenhouse as compared to the outdoors.

You just have to grow your cannabis plants indoors for around one month and move them to the greenhouse. When in the greenhouse, the plants can have a little more heat during night-time. 

  • Maintaining the Temperature

Temperature is one of the most crucial factors to consider when growing cannabis in the winter. The best temperature during the daytime is around 24 to 30 degrees Celsius, while the best temperature during night-time is between 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. 

Being a cannabis cultivator, you should go away from temperatures that are outside the ideal range. Moreover, you should also prevent large disparities between daytime and night-time temperatures. The development rate is critically influenced by irregular temperature alterations.

Large disparities of daytime and night-time temperatures during the first 2 to 3 weeks of the flowering stage can lead to broadly-spaced internodes. On the contrary, keeping the disparity as minimal as possible throughout this period limits the distances between nodes.

A gap on the temperature of 2 to 4 degrees Celsius is preferred in the first 2 to 3 weeks of the flowering stage. A difference not exceeding 10 degrees Celsius must be kept throughout the remaining part of the flowering stage.

  • Controlling the Humidity

The biggest risk that you might encounter in your cannabis grow area during winter is mold. During winter, there is an inclination for the low temperatures to boost RH to a dangerous level. Aside from the fact that cannabis plants loathe the increased levels of RH, it also turns them a potential ground for breeding for fungi and mold. Low temperatures can draw problems in keeping RH.

Substantially, the quantity of water in the air keeps contracting while the temperature lowers. If you are an experienced cannabis grower, you know that this can trigger molds to your plant. The best way to address this concern is to maintain the temperatures on their best level. You can utilize lights or use central heating. 

However, if the issue is awfully difficult to control, then you may consider using a dehumidifier.

Winter cultivators are also advised to invest in hygrometer. This tool can check the RH of the soil and the grow room. It is important to measure the RH regularly to keep yourself informed and prevent large spikes or lowering in the water concentration in the air.

  • Supervising Light Cycle

If you like, you can choose to make them flower anytime you like. However, you will have to cheat them with timers and lights. You can grow anytime you like but do not forget that after 20 days, you have to obstruct the light with a cover or by keeping them in a dark area.

They will require 12 hours of light and another 12 hours for darkness. You will have to maintain this routine during the entire process until the day of harvest has arrived. See to it that you do not disorganize yourself and disremember the moment it is flowering or it shall start to revegetate and cease from flowering. This will destroy the quality of the buds.


If you have a strong desire to grow cannabis, you should not be bounded with only warmer seasons. You should be able to carry out your will to grow your favorite weed even if it is a cold season. Surely, growing cannabis in the winter is possible. You just have to learn the technicalities of winter cultivation and you should be good to go.

Regardless if you cultivate outdoors or indoors, with the useful guides discussed in this article, you can ensure that the cold months will not ruin the fun. Enjoy your venture while you execute your newly acquired knowledge of winter cultivation!

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