How to Make a PC Grow Box at Home

A great alternative to cultivate cannabis plants in a good way is called a Grow Box. In the market, grow boxes are easily purchased and made available for consumers. A grow box is essentially an environment created to provide much greater control of every element and factors required cannabis cultivation, while entirely preventing the occurrence of common growing issues. 

Indeed, a very ideal growing medium to achieve guaranteed success. Nonetheless, grow boxes require a significant fortune to acquire just to get a fancy alternative isolated grow medium for your cannabis plants. Thus, it is practical to build your own grow box using a PC case. Yes, you read it right, a PC Grow Box is possible and the materials needed are available just the comfort of your home. Instead of throwing your unused PC case, gran it and reuse to your advantage. In this article, we will teach you how to make a PC Grow Box at home following just a few easy steps below. 

Simple Steps on How to Make a PC Grow Box at Home

Use an old PC case and build your very own PC grow box to provide your treasured cannabis plants an isolated, controlled, and alternative miniature greenhouse room for growing.

Step 1

Get your old PC and unplug it from the outlet. Make sure that the PC you are using is no longer needed as this will not be back to the way it was before. Gently remove the casing on the outer part and the other long sides cover as well. Remove the screws that are holding the motherboard, hard drives together. Dispose of unwanted PC materials that are not intended for the building of the PC grow box. 

Step 2

Grab two fans of similar sizes and insert one close to the upper edge and insert the other one close to below the edge. This might be tough to fit appropriately, so you expect to use a metal cutter in this part. By the use of these fans, you are providing the grow box an appropriate circulation of air by having a fan inside that will blow air indoor, and the other fan will blow out the air outside the PC grow box. On the other hand, if you only intend to use one fan for this, you need to make a hole below, with a similar size to the fan used so allow ventilation inside and equalized the fan’s motion.

Step 3 

Because you are creating a new environment inside a PC grow box, you are also creating similar environmental factors experience in regular indoor cultivation. Hence, it requires that there is a constant circulation of airflow around the medium to prevent the plants from suffocation. Apart from that, you may need to manage the odor cannabis emits. 

Usually, this is managed by installing filters inside to disseminate the smell within. According to expert growers, the ideal size of filter to install must equate to the watts of grow light. For a 400-Watt grow light, you can use a four-inches filter, while a 600-watts grow light may need a six-inches filter for your PC grow box. 

Step 4

Grab a measuring tape and measure the length and width of the PC grow box you are using and take down notes. With the silver car reflector, cut into the size you have measured of the PC and stick it to the long sides using a glue stick and glue gun. Furthermore, stick it on the short side of the PC as well. While sticking it to the portion of the fans, make sure that it will not hinder the fans from moving, so you need to cleanly and evenly cur it around them. If you do not have any of the gluing tools, you may utilize a high-quality double-sided tape for this part. 

Step 5

Prepare the bulbs of grow lights of your choice, and place them on the socket plug adapters of the PC Grow Box. You may need approximately four or five grow lights, relying on the standard PC size and each adapter will be utilized on each light used. These lights will serve as the provider of the light source and what is needed for the cannabis plant to grow and develop. 

Plants being exposed to light is vital to their growth and survival. The more there is light present, the more the cannabis plants will thrive and encourage high output. Find reliable grow lights and invest in the appropriate light source for your cannabis plants. You may either choose LED or HID grow lights, depending on what you need. According to growers,  the most affordable grow light in the market are HIDs and produce a greater output. While the LED consumes lesser power and durable but expensive. 

Step 6 

At this point, socket adapters must be plugged into the power strip and stick them above the PC Grow Box. Make sure that when you do this, the lights must be facing down on the PC Grow Box. Put inside the plants in your PC Grow Box. Make sure that the cannabis plants are planted using fabric pots. This is an ideal growing pot for grow box cultivation because it can drain water efficiently and there is an easy passage of oxygen to the roots. 

Moreover, the potting mix is also essential for plants growing in the PC grow box, so as much as possible provide it with a great foundation to secure healthy growing plants. This time, cut out another silver car reflector and stick it on the side of PC Grow Box where it is open to enclosed the environment inside. Plugin the cord on the outlet to start providing the plants with enough lighting and heat for it to thrive. 

Final Words

When using this kind of growing process, as a grower you need to think creatively at all times. There are tremendous things you can find inside your house that can be utilized for this, including your tents or cabinets. All you have to secure are the materials that are basic and vital to start making a PC grow box and other elements required to establish healthy growth of cannabis plants.

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