Using Organic Soil for Cannabis Growing

Maybe you are a cannabis grower or maybe you are still planning to make your cannabis farm. If that is what you are thinking, then you might be thinking of ways to grow great marijuana plants. How about considering organic soil for cannabis? Would you consider growing your marijuana with organic soil?

Well, before you decide on that matter, you must know and learn some things about soils that are organic. It would be better that you have some ideas about what soils to use and how you can acquire them.  You will be able to know the good things about it as well as the disadvantages. Now, let us move on to learning more about it. 

Organic Soil For Cannabis: What Should You Know?

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of organic soil? What about the disadvantages? Well, let us first know some things about organic soil. It refers to the soils that were composted. It delivers all the things that marijuana plants might need. You won’t have to do much managing with the pH or putting extra nutrients. 

There are many reasons why some growers use organic soil in growing their weed. Aside from making the growing medium organic, it would also do well for the plant’s roots. Hence, you will not need to do much monitoring and putting some chemicals, you will only need to water your plants and let your plants grow. With the use of organic soil for cannabis, your plants can be grown easily with expected good quality marijuana buds. 

What are the pros and cons of organic soil?

Let us know more about the good things that organic soil can offer to your marijuana plants. Also, it would be better to know some of the disadvantages it may bring, so you could fully decide whether to use organic soil or not. 

Here are the lists of the pros of organic soil:

Better smoothness, smell, and taste

Some growers observe better smell and taste of their crops when it is being grown through organic soil. It would also be good for the production of smooth buds. 

Great for outdoors as well as indoors

With the use of a soil that is organic, it would be possible to grow your plants well either outdoors or indoors. It would be possible to have marijuana is grown in any area you like. 

Naturally made

Organic soil can be made by the use of some organic products or ingredients. The process and the ingredients of making it would be natural and it would make the soil good for the plants. 

Flushing will not be needed

Due to the reason that you will not use any chemicals to enhance the smell as well as the taste of the buds, there won’t be a need for flushing before you harvest your crop.

Possibly easier to cultivate

Cultivating weed on organic soil can be easier compared to any other growing medium. If your plants have a good source of water, then you don’t have to worry about your plants. 

Here are the lists of the cons of organic soil:

Can be expensive

Having organic soil can be expensive, especially in composting the soil at once. It is recommended for growth that are bigger. If you want to have a smaller scale, it would be better to buy soil that is pre-made by the experts of cannabis cultivation. 

Planning Ahead

Composting soils would take from thirty to sixty days of making it ready for the plants. It means you need to do the planning immediately. 

Soil mixing can make you tired

The process of composting soil might make you tired. It needs an effort for you to do the whole process of it.  Therefore, you must be prepared to feel tired if you are planning to do the composting process. 

The growth can be lowered compared to the liquid nutrients

Compared to using liquid nutrients, it would have a fast growth during the vegetative stage. If you want to get the benefits of growing weed with liquid nutrients, then you can grow your plants with both organic soil and liquid organic nutrients.

If you use organic soil in growing your weed, you are making the whole ecosystem of the soil extracts some organic nutrients. Instead of paying much attention and care to your plants, the soil will do that task for you. However, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention and monitor your plants; it will just be less necessary. 

The most important thing that you should do is to make sure that there will be enough source of water for your plants. It is important that your plants are being provided with the water that they need. Therefore, be ready to provide the exact volume of water for them. 


If you apply organic soil for cannabis as a growing medium, there are some expected good results. There are many advantages you can get and it would be good for your plants. It would be helpful for your plant’s health and it would be great when you start growing weed or maybe you are thinking of having your cannabis farm. You will not need to add so many chemicals to your plants, which means there would be a low risk of experiencing some problems with your marijuana plants. Putting so much effort into your plants is lesser necessary if you use soil that is organic as a growing medium compared to using other growing medium. 

However, there are also some disadvantages that you should know of. It was well-explained in this article. You have to remember those disadvantages and you have to take note of those. Using organic soil for cannabis growing. The reason for it is that you can be prepared and you will not expect more about organic soil. Another reason is that you can have more time to think about whether to use organic soil in growing weed or not. 

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